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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exclusive interview with Sinchew Jit Poh

Charmaine Sheh: Sparring acting with Tavia Yeung in [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]
The Best Actress award goes along fate.

[Sinchew 19/09/09]

TVB anniversary series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] lead by Charmaine Sheh will be broadcasted on October 19th. As TVB anniversary award have been postponed to December 4th, she was alleged to be an obstacle for Sheren Tang from getting the Best Actress award for her '4th Madam' role in [Rosy Business]. We asked the double TV Queen if she would like a repeat win through [Beyond]. Charmaine expressed: "Let things goes along fate! I've always said; when you take part in a competition, everyone wants to win, not lose. However sometimes it's not up to you to decide that you should win, just because you want to!"

She stressed that it's too early to say whether her role will receive good acclaim, as the series have not been aired yet. "We shall discuss when the time arrives." [Beyond] was touted as Hong Kong version of [JITP]. Kevin Cheng is portraying 'Lt. Min' while Charmaine's Lau Sam Ho role is dubbed as Hong Kong version of 'Dae Jang Gum'. At this, Charmaine laughed and said, "The character is a bit similar because my character is very kind, likes helping others and conscientious."

She shares the most onscreen time with Tavia Yeung and Kevin. Charmaine expressed that she have previously collaborated with Tavia in [Yummy Yummy]. I feel that her acting has matured. We have a lot of sisterhood and confrontation scenes, it's really an enjoyable experience. We are really absorbed in our roles and able to provide the mood to each other, at least we must be able to move our own feelings."

Mentioning Charmaine's onscreen partner Kevin, it turns out that this is her first time working with him in a costume series. She smilingly said: "I've never imagined how he looked in costumes, therefore it's quite refreshing feeling for me. He's OK! He can film more costume series in the future."

[Beyond], starred by Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung etc will be aired on Astro on Demand and TVB simultaneously starting from October 19th. Asked if she is worried of spreading rumors again during the broadcast of the series, she open-mindedly expressed: "Actually there has always been rumors; I've nothing to fear anymore."

Recently she was rumored to have broken up with Kevin and she answered with a laugh: "We have had all kinds of rumors (triangle love relationship, underground relationship, zero interaction during filming and break up), I don't know what they will write, and I don't care."

Her series [You're Hired] with Dayo Wong garnered rave reviews and she happily admitted that she's feeling ecstatic. This is because some of her friends who normally do not watch series are also chasing the drama, making her feel motivated when she heard that. "I really like filming comedy series, at least I'll feel cheerful during filming, and the audiences also feel happy while watching."

Then does she feel happy while filming [Beyond]? "I'm happy too, because it's my first time working with Michelle Yim, and my second time with Susanna Kwan. I've learned a lot from them including acting, make up etc."

Next she will be filming TVB grand production [Heaven & Earth] and she was trying out her image in the series during Sinchew exclusive interview. As HKFA Best Actor Nick Cheung pulled out from the series, does she feel regretful not being able to work with Best Actor? She casually expressed: "Hope there will be opportunities to collaborate again!"

Concentrating on career. "Mum does not rush me into marriage."

Charmaine grew in a single family. In 2006, her mother was comatose after a surgery and led Charmaine to reflect on her life.

Earlier she went to Hawaii to accompany her mother. Is her mother happy? "She's happy! Mum really takes care of me, not only she cooked my favorite food; she also thoughtfully planned the menu. Otherwise the whole family will go out for dinner. She is happy as long as I am happy."

Since she's already 34 years old, does her mother fret about her marriage? "No, she never rushed me. Plus my elder and younger brother are married, she already have grandchildren. She knows that I'm currently concentrating on my career so she will not deliberately remind me. The most important thing is I am happy." If she did not enter the entertainment business, would she be married with children now? "I've never thought of that. I'm better off not thinking about things that doesn't happen."

If she get married in the future, will she keep it a secret like Andy Lau, Leon Lai, and Miriam Yeung? She straightforwardly replied: "I don't know! I think that it's a personal matter, everyone have reasons for their own actions. I hope people can be more considerate."

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hyn5 said...

I read this article in Tavia's baidu, and couldn't figure out which Charmaine article/interview it was from. Thanks for posting, sehseh! :)

sehseh said...

It's from Sinchew Jit Poh, Malaysian Chinese Daily.

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