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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dayo & Charmaine MV

Made by michica1011 from youtube

Such a cute MV. Miss xx大xx and 三水妹 so much!

Lately I was hanging out at forum and found these adorable cartoon drawn by katekate902:


News 1:30am (17/9): Charmaine went to Dayo's comedy stand up show! At the end she even went up onstage and gave him a hug! Ah... the long wait for the DVD release (Dayo DVD release usually take 1-2 years).


[Heaven & Earth] costume fitting will be held on 21/9. The series will officially start filming on 28/9.
Source: Louis_Koo @ KuangaiTVB BBS.

Charmaine's TVB Blog new layout is finally launched. Please drop by daily and increased her blog hits!


hyn5 said...

Such cute cartoons! :)

sehseh said...

Yeah, katekate902 even designed wallpaper for them! Hehehe will post them up shortly.

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