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Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Cooking 2 Teaser: MHK Special Edition

Credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum

Catch Charmaine in Beautiful Cooking 2: Miss Hong Kong Special Edition, on coming Sunday (Sept 20) 9:00pm!

On a sidenote, [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] will be airing on 8:30pm slot, starting Oct 19, 2009. The cast will be filming promotional clips this Friday.

p.s. [Heaven & Earth] have begun production, Charmaine will pair up with Moses. Looking forward to costume fitting soon.


hyn5 said...

Finally! It's about time that they air this episode.

I don't know how people can eat stinky tofu. It smells so awful! 冏!

sehseh said...

Yeah it's pungent but taste very nice. You should try it. Just don't look at the fermented tofu before they fried it... or else... yucky!

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