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Thursday, September 03, 2009

(Another) Break up rumor

Kevin Cheng avoid discussing break up with Charmaine Sheh

[Mingpao 03/09/2009]

Last year Kevin Cheng was exposed to be dating Charmaine Sheh and hence resulting in a love triangle dispute with Niki Chow. Though both of them were often photographed traveling in the same car, they continue to deny their romance. Yesterday a tabloid magazine alleged that Kevin have broken up with Charmaine due to the rumors affecting his image, in addition that he could not earn as much income as her. It also said that Kevin claimed that "I just broke up!" after he became drunk at a [BF3] gathering.

Yesterday reporters attempts to contact them both for clarification. As Charmaine have already returned to Hawaii to accompany her mother, they failed to get any response from her. On the other hand, Kevin's phone seems to be on international roaming, and supposedly in Thailand. When asked about his break up rumors with Charmaine, Kevin nonchalantly said: "This is very silly, I'll comment when I come back."

Matthew Ko was questioned by reporters as he also attended the [BF3] gathering. He describes Kevin as being very happy on that day and did not 'exclaimed break up in state of drunkenness' as alleged by the tabloid.

No repost allowed.

Isn't it too soon for the doggies to 'promote' [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]? Like Kevin said, this is very 'mo liu' (silly), what a waste of time. What so funny is, barely a week ago Next Magazine sister company Sudden Weekly published an interview with Charmaine (read below). Quite 180 degree contrast.

Anyway, Charmaine did went back to Hawaii, hope she's enjoying some peace and quiet time there. Too bad she have not returned to HK yet, therefore she won't be attending [You're Hired] celebration event today. Last week [You're Hired] peaked at 34 points, a good result for 8:30pm slot. Hope the ratings continue to rise! Considering that TVB does little promotion for this series, it's been getting positive reviews, even in those critic-heavy HK forums.

Some pics of Charmaine doing some shopping in HK (right after the 1st 'You're Hired' promo event):

Remember to visit Charmaine's TVB Blog and continue to support her!


Funn Lim said...

The title shouldn't be another break up rumour when they have yet to acknowledge they were together. So is that a tacit agreement that they are or were or will potentially be in a relationship? Only time will tell..NOT. This is probably just another promo, you know new series out, so let's start a new round of are they or aren't they rumours.

sehseh said...

Funn, maybe you did not follow my blog close enough, but another tabloid wrote that the broke up last year... hence 'again' in my post title.

There's a reason why it's 'rumor' - not proven, not acknowledge of anything at all. I don't see any mistake with my choice of posting title.

sehseh said...

Sorry.. typo. Should be hence 'another' in my post title.

hyn5 said...

睇開d喇! 到播o既時候又話複合! The media has nothing else to write about.

sehseh said...

hahaha hyn5, true true... another rumor of patching up most probably will pop up :P

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