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Thursday, August 13, 2009

[You're Hired] garners good reviews, "Scoundrel" Dayo matches well with "HK Girl" Charmaine

[ 13/08/2009]

Note: Contained minor spoilers

Hong Kong prime time series [You're Hired] is currently being broadcasted and the first two episodes ratings reached 31 points. The result is not bad at all and the biggest credit should be given to leading actor Dayo Wong. Many audiences expressed that Dayo's performances stood out, be it the comedic scenes in the series or Dayo's scoundrel image. Combined with Dayo's golden quotes, it has charmed everyone, "As usual Dayo is very scoundrel-ish and ruffian, but I still love him very much!" Apart from Dayo's attention-grabbing portrayal, the usually criticized TVB dongka fadan Charmaine Sheh performance doesn't fall behind. Her partnership with Dayo is very vibrant and audiences praise as "great match".

Dayo stand-up comedy lines became source of laughter

During the filming of the series, a lot of netizens expressed highly anticipated it due to Dayo's participation. After the series begins airing this week, Dayo did not disappoint. The opening of the series garners good review and the rating is favorable. Audiences expressed that though Dayo's portrayal of Mak Tai Song contain shadows of his previous TVB roles, his new character also added impressive elements such as knowing how to play the piano. Even though he behaves like a scoundrel and talks bluntly, he is the extremely intelligent business doctor Mak Tai Song.

From what the reporters found out, audiences find the storyline of [You're Hired] extremely funny, they can't refrain from laughing. Take the opening scene for example, where Mak Tai Song's sleep was interrupted by two noisy kids. He resorted to tricks by faking nausea and declaring that he have contagious disease and insisted to get off the flight. The other passengers quickly avoided him. The airline crew has no choice but to move him to 1st class and even provided him with a sumptuous in-flight meal. It's very lighthearted from the start, the audiences exclaimed: "Dayo is such a ruffian!"

The humorous part did not end – the hotel suddenly went bankrupt and being one of the guests in the hotel, Mak Tai Song was arranged to stay in the community centre. The intelligent Song complained to the new owner of the hotel Tong Bak Tuck and took the opportunity to teach his son Tong Gut. He transformed the crisis of the newly purchased hotel into a favorable situation. His talent was appreciated by Tong Bak Tuck who wanted to employ his service. In episode 2, Mak Tai Song cheated free meals using the "Aura of Legitimacy". The following scene between Dayo and Charmaine had audiences in stitches: Charmaine was furiously chasing a debtor and hurled her high heels at the debtor - Dayo end up catching them with his hand.

In addition, audiences also praised Dayo's scoundrel-ish lines in the series. Written by golden scriptwriter Chan Bo Wah along with editing by Dayo himself, the humorous lines become livelier. They keep praising Dayo as amazing, "Here comes 'stand-up comedy' again, so amusing and plucky... Makes you have the impulse of biting him to death."

Charmaine Sheh stunning appearance being praised as dazzling

Since [War & Beauty], Charmaine's acting is slowly gaining recognition from audiences. There are still a good share of good and bad criticism. However, Charmaine received good review in [You're Hired] and her performance did not lose out against 'King of Comedy' Dayo at all, very impressive. In addition, Charmaine represent 'Hong Kong girl' and constantly wear designer clothes, which audiences exclaimed as dazzling.

Wearing an elegant white dress and designer accessories, Charmaine's entrance scene as Lam Miu Miu gives a stunning feeling to audiences. Based on surface, people will assume that she is an elegant and rich socialite heiress. In 10 seconds, audiences realized that Lam Miu Miu is a 'debt collector girl' and the purpose of her dress is to blend in the high class party. Using the excuse of fund raising for a school, she ingeniously drop hints to the debtor and he end up issuing cheque on his own initiative.

Lam Miu Miu (or nickname Sam Sui Mui by Dayo) character is extremely likeable – materialistic, loves shopping and designer brands. She was mocked by Mak Tai Song as "Made in Hong Kong" but she is also filial to her father and respects her elder brother. Wearing designer dress in wanton noodle restaurant; she helps serving food to customers, overseeing lazy staff, dealing with greedy neighbors – made audiences feel "She is a hardworking and down-to-earth person". In one scene where she chases debt after Sheh Mo Lin (portrayed by Theresa Lee); after she found out about Theresa's difficulties her heart softened and she helped to conceal from her boss while trying to buy time for Lee. The audiences praised her as kind-hearted.

Accordingly, as the series progress Charmaine will keep harassing Dayo to teach her the secrets of doing business and their relationship developed further. This is the major point to watch in the series.

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