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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

U-Weekly: Being Invincible - Charmaine Sheh

Note: 請勿轉載. A huge 'Thank You" and credit to Cherie for scanning the magazine. Singapore fans are so wonderful!

Being Invincible: Charmaine Sheh

(Don't forget to check out the I-Weekly mag scans below! Translation on the way...)


mich. said...

huh? the photo of charmaine hugging the guy shouldn't be included...that guy is not even kevin lah. did i-weekly mistake 'jason' as kevin? oh and sehseh, i think it should be i-weekly, not u-weekly (:

sehseh said...

Hi Mich, haha I made a tiny mistake. The mag cover is from i-weekly, but Charmaine's interview if from u-weekly. i have chinapost news to translate, so this one will be postponed to Monday instead!

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