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Saturday, August 01, 2009

TVB Weekly [You're Hired] scans

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Champion debt collector – Lam Miu Miu (Charmaine Sheh)

Personality: Intelligent and cheerful, care for her family but due to lack of self confidence and security she became addicted to shopping.

Background: Born in a family running wanton noodle business, she met her first love; the simple and practical Tong Yat Boon (Joel Chan) at the restaurant. In order to attract Yat Boon, she spent a lot of money to dress up. However, Yat Boon complained that she is too wasteful and they finally broke up. This accelerates Miu Miu's shopping impulse and she end up with a huge credit card debt. Due to her ingenious ways to avoid paying the money, she was enlisted to become a debt collector and have her debt deducted from her salary.

Miu Miu knew Mak Tai Song (Dayo Wong) while collecting debt from Sheh Mo Lin (Theresa Lee). The crafty ways of Tai Song avoiding to repay the debt irritates Miu Miu but she was impressed when he helped her father Lam Zhong Chai (Bak Biu) solved the problems of the wanton noodle restaurant. Hence she decides to learn from Tai Song. During the process of learning, Miu Miu manages to heal her broken heart and recover from shopping addiction with the help from Tai Song. She starts to have feelings for Tai Song and at the same time learn about his past. Later, their relationship became conflicted and Miu Miu was manipulated by other people to attack Tai Song...

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Almost have a heart attack when I saw the kissing scene. I did heard about this scene appearing in AOD promo clip, but given Dayo track record of onscreen kiss I honestly thought it was something chaste, like a cute peck. Revealed kinda early... but still, it's a sweet kiss!

p.s. No one is recording AOD clip? Really? Sobs~


Anonymous said...
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alicechen said...

hehe Charm and Joel Chan.
Cute friendship!! =)

the previous comment was mine. I hate my google account.

sehseh said...

Yeah, Joel & Charmaine are like buddies in real life :)

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