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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sneak peek... at [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]

Watch the Mandarin trailer at the link below:

Note: Repost of the clip is not allowed, please do not transfer them elsewhere. Clip credit to GCLG from KuangaiTVB BBS / Raymond Forest.

Charmaine: Mother, I remember your last word, you want Kam Ling and me to support each other... I'm sorry, I can't do it!

Charmaine: You and I are both His Majesty imperial consorts, we are equals!
Tavia: Maybe in the past. While the Empress Dowager is recuperating from illness, I will in charge of the palace!
Charmaine: Though our sisterhood relationship no longer exists, but I truly hope to see you repent. I've never intended to fight against you, but you did not trust me!

Tavia: Because I trusted you, I was slapped! Because I helped you, my mouth was stitched up! I suffered so many humiliation and it's all because of you Lam Sam Ho! Never again shall I trust anyone. In the palace, everyone is deceitful and plotting for their own benefit. All the servants are fighting for recognition. The consorts have to fight for the emperor's love and grace. There are no true feelings in the palace!

Charmaine: My hand is paralyzed!
Tavia: Kam Ling is willing to test the needles for Sam Ho.
Physician: If you are willing to suffer 70% of the needle, then Lau Jeong Zhen (Sam Ho) can be saved.

Tavia: I'm placing a bet on my hand, to pave a new path and rise above the rank.
Tavia: You are Sam Ho, who speak good, do good and think good. I'm not as great as you, I will only be good to you.

Michelle Yim: The four departments work together. One department mistake will cost the other three departments to be punished along.

Unknown: Your department of Jewellery Proceedings really know how to please the Empress Dowager, knowing that the Empress Dowager is fond of phoenix pattern.
Susan Tse: The phoenix weeps blood?!
Servants: Pardon us Your Highness!
Susan: I will definitely seek action!

Michelle: Yuen Chui Wan best skill is not crafting hairpins, but calculating other's intention.
Susanna Kwan: I will fight her till the end as long as I'm still alive!
Charmaine: Both of you are my benefactors, please stop fighting.

Michelle: Even if I'm asking for the moon in the sky, you will get it for me.
Michelle: I want to be Sheung Gong!
Servants: Greetings to Sheung Gong!

Moses: When I'm still little, someone treats me candied lotus seed, it's a moment of sweetness during bitter time.

Edwin Siu: Whoever fights with me will face a crushing defeat!
Moses: Whoever wears the dragon robe, he is the Emperor!
Servants: Long live His Majesty!

Kevin: There are dangers everywhere in the palace.

Lee Kwok Lun: Insolence! How dare you go against me the General!
Moses: General Ma will not go back in his words and betray me!
Moses: I will not be threatened easily. I will let General Ma to gather power and help, sooner or later he will destroy himself!

Kevin: No matter how terrible the condition is, Hin Yeung will always be by your side.
Moses: I've always keep this in my heart. Sam Ho, you are the one I love most.

Kevin: General Ma distrusts His Majesty, even wanted to replace His Majesty throne.
Lee Kwok Lun: This time, make sure he is dead!

Moses: Hin Yeung was injured badly and he died jumping off the cliff.
Charmaine: Never, not until I see Hin Yeung's corpse. I will never believe that he will leave me!

Lee Kwok Lun: The day Crown Prince is born, that is also the day Your Majesty will die.
Mary Hon: Your Majesty life is important to Tang Dynasty, our people!

Tavia: To protect Emperor's life, the empress dowager rather not have this grandchild!

Moses: Come on, you want to assassinate me. We will die together!
Tavia: After I control the inner palace, I will change the people and won't spare anyone!

Lee Kwok Lun: I am bestowed by His Majesty to govern the court.
Charmaine: How dare you, Ma Yuan Zhi! Seeing the imperial cop is the same as seeing His Majesty, why aren't you kneeling?!

Charmaine: Empress Dowager!

Tavia: Ma Yuan Zhi and I have the same intention, which is to see Sam Ho die!

Screencaps taken from GCLG's clip :) More here:


mare said...

love the whole face on the word thing they got going on... and red & gold is exactly what the colors should be...

LOL @ you saying samho was seducing the emperor... haha... def. looking forward to that scene...

and liyi with his turtle... hahaha!!! i wonder if it's the same turtle from when he was young... the thought of him having that turtle for many years makes me all giggly for some strange reason... :P

hyn5 said...

I can't wait to see the trailer! Thanks for the screencaps, sehseh! :D

heartlodestar said...

any idea where we can watch this new trailer?

sehseh said...

Mare, she was doing that sexy dancing in front of everyone... don't think she'd be seducing anyone else...

hyn5, yeah.. so many drama going on in here!

heartlodestar, trailer was not uploaded yet.. .waiting for tomorrow!

mare said...

haha... totally thought you meant that one when i read your tweet... :S

Carmen the cranky said...
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Blossom said...

Thanks for the screencaps.
It looks uber-exciting and tensed! The faces in the wordings somehow remind me of face in mooncakes (MR).
Tavia has really heavy makeup.
I can't wait to see the MoChar chemistry!

alicechen said...

Why is my heart fluttering seeing the scene with Moses and Charm? It's sweet. =)

Thanks for the trailer Sehseh!

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