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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kevin Cheng will only reveal Ms Right when he's getting married

[Singpao 25/08/09]

Apart from attending a stage event in US early next month, Kevin Cheng will be taking the opportunity to visit his family. However, he emphasized that he will be going alone and rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh will not be coming along. Kevin also expressed that he will only reveal Ms Right when he is getting married.

Yesterday while attending an open event, Kevin divulged that he is currently enjoying his vacation. He has just returned from his scuba diving retreat overseas. Early September he will be attending stage show in US and while he is there, he will be visiting his sister and her family. He has not seen them for two years due to his busy work schedule.

Will rumored girlfriend Charmaine be coming along? Kevin plays dumb and said: "Who? I will be going alone." What is his opinion about the recent report about Charmaine scouting for luxurious condominiums? Kevin said: "I don't know! What the magazine wrote is not necessarily true." Earlier, Bosco Wong and girlfriend Myolie Wu's vacation overseas was exposed by the media. Does this worries Kevin? He expressed: "We (Kevin & Bosco) are good friends, I will not comment on other people's business! As long as he is happy! (You haven't reached the stage of meeting each other's parent yet?) I have already said this many times, if I'm ready, I will bring her out when I'm getting married. No matter how you guess, I won't say much, just wait alright! Wait until I'm ready! (Then did you ask Charmaine's advise on making investment?) I'll know what to do, thank you for your concern!"

Regarding [Burning Flame 3] ending only achieving the average rating of 31 points, Kevin frankly state that [BF3] received good review. In addition, the whole cast worked really hard and they have no control over the ratings. "Even though the ratings is not as high as I expected, but it's still OK! (What is your expectation?) Exceeding my age number! Haha!" He can only place his hope on upcoming anniversary series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] in October.

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Moses Chan collaborating with Charmaine Sheh in upcoming series

[Singpao 25/08/09] Only translated related part

Next month Moses Chan will be collaborating with Charmaine in new series [Heaven & Earth]. Originally he has the chance to work with Best Actor Nick Cheung in this series, but unfortunately the latter declined the role last minute. Moses was quite disappointed: "Actually I really wanted to work with Nick for so long, therefore I feel regretful that he couldn't make it this time. The script is currently being edited, therefore we don’t know who will be replacing his role."

You're Hired ratings report for Week 2: Average rating of 29 points

Ahemm... no gossiping. Que Sera Sera...

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