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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I-Weekly: Charmaine Sheh - Another Liza Wang

Note: A big 'Thank You' and credit to Adeline for scanning the magazine! 請勿轉載.

Charmaine Sheh: Another Liza Wang

Rumors that have nothing do with her career appeared in news daily.
The topic regarded as taboo by other actresses; she effortlessly reduces the damage level to zero with simple words and smile.
Not only does it demonstrates her competency, but also reflects her status in the field.
She speaks softly but with conviction in her words. It's the same as her acting in series, flawlessly alternating between filming crying and comedy scenes in series.
Her impression is like Liza Wang, her side profile resembles Carina Lau.
This woman is destined to be superior.
If you call her Ah Jie (big sister), she will calmly answer: "I'm not Liza Wang."
Today Charmaine Sheh is already a trademark on her own.

Standing right in front, she looks resplendent. It's not because she's feeling extraordinarily cheery, those kind of sensation is short-lived. Like a golden halo hovering about the head, it reflects her status in the field.

After Gigi Lai announced her retirement from entertainment business, Charmaine Sheh becomes perfectly justified to rank as number one.

Linda Chung, Fala Chan and Kate Tsui all expressed aspiration to become her. It's unknown whether they truly sincere or being courteous; one thing can be certain – it proved her status in TVB.

Once a bashful newbie, she prevailed due to her diligence. She keep on filming one series after another, keep on improving in one after another.

"I prevailed because I'm really persistent..."

From how to style her hair and make up, to having annual break to accompany her family.

Won't you be afraid of offending others and being misunderstood as being a diva?

"The purpose of your mouth is to communicate." She coyly answered.

Using gentle methods to counter force; an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Isn't this one of the survival strategies?

How does it feel at the top, being the 1st Sister?

1st Sister? I don't feel that way, haha. There's still Liza Jie (Liza Wang), I don't dare to claim myself as No. 1. It doesn't matter being No. 1 or 2, everyone still have to work anyway.

It seems that the ranking among the actresses is not as competitive as the actors.

I guess we seem to have lesser female artistes. You can easily name 10 male artistes, such as Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam... as for female artistes... maybe because most of them already left the station (TVB), such as Ada Choi, Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok. Even Gigi Lai is already married. Hey... I'm left behind. Haha.

It's lonely at the top.

You sounded as if we're filming costume series, haha. Let's jut put it this way; I've already joined the entertainment business for 12 years and can be considered as having some achievement. At least I can survive and depend on my own now.

What is your current goal?

I hope to come across good script and onscreen partner. As an artiste, you will hope that you won't age too fast. This is reality, and reality is cruel. People will eventually grow old and pass away, and the aging effect is more obvious on women.

How to maintain youth and beauty?

People say that the face is the index of the mind. Take Fei Jie (Lydia Shum) as example, you will never feel that she is old but instead find her happiness infectious. Hey... I'm quite optimistic; I definitely won't allow myself to feel unhappy more than a few hours. For me, keeping myself cheerful isn't that difficult.

Can you reveal the secret of your success?

There's no reap without sowing. One must experience failure, sacrifice their time, sweat and tears in exchange for success. You must be able to endure hardship. If you can't endure hardship, then forget it and switch your career to another field.

A lot of female artistes' careers were affected by rumors. You seem to be an exception.

Well… maybe because the audience can see that I give my best effort in work. I see entertaining audiences as one of my responsibilities. Therefore, I never mind about rumors.

You are tougher than I imagined

Haha. When I'm crying, you don't know about it. No matter how tough you are, you will be affected by negative news. If you say that you don't mind, you are most probably lying. When I first enter the entertainment circle, I will phone my mum and cry to her. Afterward, I've got so used to being written about that I have no feelings toward them anymore. I have to thank the paparazzi for training my EQ to such high level.

That means you are forced to be strong?

I'm already quite tough back then. I'm influence by my mother. My father passed away when I was around 4, 5 years old. You can't imagine how it feels when your husband suddenly passed away during your pregnancy. She was pregnant with my little brother. She never complaint or gave up during difficult times.

Being independent and strong so such a long period, it's time for you to find a man to take care of you…

I really wish so too. Sigh… It's not easy. I’m used to taking care of myself. I might not able to adapt if someone suddenly enters my world.

Then… what about Kevin Cheng?

Him… haha, well he is a good man who is family oriented, stable and take his work seriously.

That's it?

If you want to know more, then watch the series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] where we co-starred, it's really good.

Mr Right appeared yet?

I don't know. I'm still waiting for him, haha. Luckily getting married late is a trend. I can control my career but when it comes to love and fate, I have neither control nor can I force it. To be frank, I used to have a lot of pursuers. However, since I've entered entertainment circle everyone assume that I have a lot of admirers…

Getting married to a rich guy seems to be very popular nowadays. Gigi Lai marriage is not bad…

Money is not everything. I place more importance on communication and sincerity. Husband and wife must be able to communicate on the same channel. If I spend my lifetime living lavishly with a man I have fond feelings for, that will not work out. I'm not sleeping with money, I'm looking for a man who will still hold my hand while crossing the street, at 80 years old. Of course, if he's rich then it'll be much better when we hold hands in our private jet, haha.

The anniversary celebration end of the year is the time to fight for awards… what is your countermeasure?

It's called competition (竞争), not fighting (争). The meaning is totally different with one word missing. Fighting is not meaningful at all.

You may not be fighting, but other people might do. Have you been stabbed in the back before?

Its not that exaggerated. Just that some people; in order to obtain certain things, will do some petty actions and purposely step on me. Hey… it's useless anyway. If it really worked, it'll be very short-lived. Even you successfully won the role (series), so what? The company films so many series per year. Even I Charmaine Sheh could not take so many series; we must divide and co-operate. In addition, the company will have its own arrangement.

How do you deal with people who cross the line?

Just ignore her. Those tactics doesn't work. Hey… even if you go around slandering me, you can continuously do so for 10 years, but who is interested to keep writing about it? If she's not tired of it, the media and readers feel bored anyway. I don't believe you can completely bring someone down through underhand tactics. I believe in following the legitimate way. You will be rewarded in exchange of your hard work.

Put it this way, it's human to desire more things. This is indisputable. Perhaps they acted this way because their mind went astray momentarily. If everyone on earth is good people, then this is a scary world.

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hyn5 said...

Not including Liza, Charmaine is "No.1 Jeh". :) Just like she said, everyone has left TVB, and she is the only one left in TVB. :)

sehseh said...

Hahaha I think she is the unofficial 1st Sister... :P

hyn5 said...

I hope fans will appreciate how much time and effort it takes to translate articles. :)

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