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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Constant Acting Affair For Charmaine Sheh

[Chinapress 22/08/2009]

Charmaine Sheh chats unreservedly about 10 men, two actors cried in front of her before!

A beautiful actress is always surrounded by rumors. In addition, Charmaine Sheh is also currently ranked 1st position in TVB. She has contacted and worked with many actors. Today, our conversation topic starts with 10 men.

Reporter: You have collaborated with many actors since entering entertainment circle. Can you share some amusing stories about them during filming and also their special characteristics?

Charmaine: Every of them? Alright then. First is Moses Chan (collaborated in [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]); he is very optimistic, and also loves eating. During the filming of [Beyond], he kept having snacks.

Sunny Chan (DIF4) is also nicknamed as Professor Chan. He loves to discuss about life philosophies during filming. He's like a radio; he can't stop talking after opening his mouth.

Raymond Lam (TDOL) is like a young master, he is very gentlemanly.

Joe Ma (Maiden's Vow) and I understand each other's mindset the most; we have a very compatible partnership.

It's happy working with Steven Ma (PITNOL); he really knows how to maintain a good health. His father constantly makes soup and tong sui for him and Steven will share it with us in the filming studio. He’s such a 'nourishing' person.

Bobby Au-Yeung (WTP2) keeps me alert, he is very funny. Chilam Cheung (PONR) personality is very mischievous; he uses his heart and soul to act. (During your collaboration, did Anita Yuen come to supervise the filming?) No such thing, there's no need...

Bowie Lam (DOP) will get 'possessed' by his character during acting. His behavior is the same as his character he's portraying.

About Dayo Wong (You're Hired), he has a very independent mindset. He's really comedic; you will feel laughing when you look at his face. The greatest challenge of working with him is: Must be able to suppress laughing!

Reporter: How about Kevin Cheng?

Charmaine: He's a bit cool; quiet personality but he's very serious in acting.

Reporter: Since actors are very sentimental, it is easy to have real feelings when filming romantic scenes?

Charmaine: Anything can happen, but the person I love is the character in the series. This is because most characters are very different from the true personality of the artistes. After falling in love, you must learn how to detach yourself from the character.

Reporter: Just now you mentioned that you are especially compatible with Joe Ma. From Hong Kong media reports, his image seems to have a bad track record. As his partner, what do you think?

Charmaine: It's true that we are really friendly. I do not think that he is a playboy. In fact, when we are filming I discovered that he really loves his son very much! Aiks, I don't know whether I should tell this, wonder if he will scold me? (Why don’t you try telling?)

I remember when we were filming (Maiden's Vow), there's one time where our schedule start in the morning. When I saw Joe Ma 6:00am in the morning, I realized that his eyes are red and swollen. Did you know that your eyes will become like that only if you've been crying for a long time? I asked him but he refused to tell. Later he finally divulged that he has just sent his son to study overseas... It never occurred to me that a big man like him will cry like that...

(You must have teased him) I didn't tease him, just a bit surprised. Actually Joe is a very humorous person and manages himself well, unlike the rumors.

Reporter: Now that you have reached your current status, of course no one dares to offend you. However, what are the biggest setback you faced in this industry?

Charmaine: Yes there is. I don't like crying, but I had to cry in my 2nd, 3rd series. I don't understand why I have to betray my own feelings. Plus I'm happy with my life, how do you expect me to cry!

I remember an incident while filming (FFOSM), my character was very tragic but I just couldn't cry. The leading actor of the series; Sunny saw that I could not shed tears and came over to help me with my emotions. As a result, he ends up crying while reading the script...

After we finished filming, the director asked me to watch the play back of my acting. When I saw my expression onscreen, I could not feel touched at all. I feel that I'm such a failure, I feel so ashamed that I started crying. The director saw me crying and doesn't want to put it to waste, so he instantly told me to re-film right there.

Sometimes when I'm too exhausted from work, I will start to ponder: "I'm just a normal girl, why do I have to suffer like this, what are my reasons endure this!" However that is just a fleeting thought. As soon as I heard a colleague knocking on my door asking me to go out having steamboat, my unhappy thoughts vanished!

Unable to control rumors, can only control your own feelings...

Reporter: Since entering entertainment circle, you have accumulated a lot of rumors. Do you loathe the rumors? Do you feel hateful having to explain yourself all the time?

Charmaine: There are no options. I know that I can't avoid them; therefore I can only accept it. I feel that rumors will not affect my everyday life. Since I can’t control rumors, I can only control my feelings.

Reporter: If Kevin Cheng pursues you, will there be any chance of further development?

Charmaine: About him... he is single (And handsome too!) Being handsome or not doesn't matter to me. I've seen too many handsome guys at my age. The most important thing is the person's kindness and thoughts. If you ask me whether we have any chance of further development, I'll say no at the moment because we lack time to communicate and understand each other...

(Recently Charmaine was photographed going out with Kevin, so does that mean they're trying to understand each other better?)

Reporter: Shu Qi mentioned that if she is still unmarried by 35 years old, she will cryogenically preserve her eggs for future. Will you have such plans too?

Charmaine: What a good suggestion! However I do not plan to have children at the moment. I don’t have the urge yet, maybe another 2 years...

Reporter: Apart from filming, what else do you want to do?

Charmaine: I can't do business, because I'm not money wise. What I really want is to open a kindergarten, of course I'm not planning to be the headmistress, and I think that I do not need to be on guard or feel distrustful being around a group of innocent children...

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Chamaine just updated her TVB Blog today! Don't forget to check it out! Hope [You're Hired] will continue to do well! Speaking of [You're Hired]. Jason Chan also posted a lot of filming pics in his TVB blog (you can drop by to support his blog too!)

Hehe... Jason is really cute & funny...


mare said...

hehe... moses and his snacking... ^o^

Ivy said...

Hi hi! Just needed to rant from assignments :P LOL..nice interview here..I like the Joe Ma secret part! Him crying until red swollen eyes does not seem to fit his physical appearance...LOL! Anyways, take care!

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