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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Charmaine @ 今日VIP (The Green Room)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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* The real Dayo is quite cool, doesn't joke around that much
* The 'kissing' scene with Benz took a few take because they want to film from different angle
* Dayo will constantly provide ideas and edit the script with the producer
* Charmaine fell in love with acting in [Country Spirit]
* She used to read newspaper aloud for one hour daily to improve on her pronunciation and voice
* Susan Tse's wig in [Beyond] is the heaviest
* Charmaine's wig is too tall when she's driving - luckily she can open the roof of her convertible. Due to wind friction, she will support her wig using one hand, while another hand on the steering wheel.
* Tavia's character Kam Ling in [Beyond] is more aggressive than Sam Ho, but Sam Ho is successful in climbing up the ranks.
* The storyline is more focused on the sisterhood relationship between Sam Ho and Kam Ling. Charmaine also have a puppy love story with Moses.
* She started to take annual break in 2006, after her mum underwent surgery.
* Charmaine's mum birthday is the same day as TVB anniversary, which is November 19.
* Charmaine's cooking is ok, she prefer western food.
* Her specialty is making desserts.
* She would like take part in stage theater.
* She is not too interested in singing/releasing album.
* [Heaven & Earth] will start filming in late September, the story revolves around love and relationships.

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