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Monday, July 13, 2009

Kevin Cheng pulling a prank on reporters

[The Sun 13/07/2009]

Kevin Cheng were always said to be boring and doesn't know how to talk, but he also have a mischievous side! Earlier Kevin and rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh was filming series together and he declared that he will not greet Charmaine to avoid misunderstanding. He suddenly stood up and appeared to be approaching Charmaine, hence the reporters at the scene clicked on their cameras non-stop. Unexpectedly Kevin turned around after taking one step and said: "There, I told you so!" He knew that everyone was anticipating for the moment they walked near, so he purposely pulled a prank on them!

No repost allowed.

Hahaha... a good one for the irritating doggies.

As announced earlier, Charmaine will be attending TVB Promotional Tour in Singapore from 19-20 July, 2009. For more details of the event, please refer to the link below. You may also contact Patricia ( for more details.

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