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Monday, June 29, 2009

DIF4 MV - 戏中有气

MV created by nicole_tsui

Alternative link here

Image Hosted by With Charmaine going on hiatus for the coming 2 months, I'm sure you guys/gals must be looking forward for her news update. Unfortunately (for us), she's not attending any public functions lately other than Raymond Lam's concert and recording of Beautiful Cooking 2.

Rest assured I will update if she attends any public functions. Meanwhile, we should be happy that she's getting some rest and relax after working so hard in [Beyond]. The above is a recently made MV of Charmaine and Sunny in DIF4. Ahh... the good old days...

p.s Since Charmaine is on holiday, that means she could be frequenting her TVB blog and Don't forget to visit her TVB blog and leave a message, you might have some pleasant surprise...


hyn5 said...

I like this song by Ella! :D

Other than Chi Lam, Sunny would have to be my second fav. pairing for Charmaine.

sehseh said...

But sadly, Sunny is not likely to be paired up with Charmaine anytime soon. I wish TVB give Sunny better roles soon. Stop putting him in family figure role!

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