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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chin Chin Song Festival 2009

Kevin, Charmaine and Tavia performing at Chin Chin Song Festival. They sang Jay Chou's [Chrysanthemum Flowerbed]. Later, Kevin and Charmaine sang [JITP] themesong and [I Believe].

Pics from


KCTA 2009 Exhibition - Kevin, Charmaine & Tavia Interview

Credit to 喜欢KC from Kevin Cheng Baidu Forum

Extended Interview Clip

Source: Dae Jeon Post

MBN news clip

Credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum

CCSF Part 1a - Kevin, Charmaine & Tavia singing

Credit to 喜欢KC from Kevin Cheng Baidu Forum

Image Hosted by I had to collect my jaw from the floor watching this clip. OMG... I was literally squirming in my chair. Charmaine & Tavia really became 'vases' here. And what's with the hand-scarves?

CCSF Part 1b - Interview

Credit to 喜欢KC from Kevin Cheng Baidu Forum

CCSF Part 2 - Kevin & Charmaine singing

Credit to 喜欢KC from Kevin Cheng Baidu Forum

Image Hosted by Aww, that kiss from Kevin in the end of the performance is sweet. It's just peck on the forehead, but CMB quickly panned away the camera. So conservative? But the part where Charmaine pulls out the chair is a bit weird. The singing is okay but the choreography...

Pics of Kevin and Charmaine after CCSF:
Credit to lvcostar from Kevin Baidu Forum

Updated June 7 - Kevin Baidu Forum also have a lot of pictures from the exhibition and CCSF. [Beyond] new poster look gorgeous! You can view them here. Please note that the pictures are exclusive to Kevin Baidu Forum only and they cannot be reposted or altered.

TVB Exhibition Booth @ KCTA 2009


Credit to cjhellotv, Naver blogs.


hyn5 said...

I don't know why TVB likes to "hung chiu" Kevin Cheng?

Charmaine and Tavia look very beautiful, but Kevin Cheng looks very weird. It seems like he has "stole" someone else's ancient look.

sehseh said...

I guess Kevin is not suitable for costume series look. He have a modern and 'dangerous' edge, which make him uber hot in modern roles.

hyn5 said...

I don't know if I can use the word, "hot" on him. Ha ha...

Advo said...

I love Jay's Chrysanthemum Flower Bed but I really didn't like their singing of it. I don't mind the girls Charmaine and Tavia that much, but I really disliked Kevin's part. Honestly, even though, I know he's actually a singer, I've never liked his singing.

I think you're right, Sehseh. Kevin does look best in modern roles. He looks strange in costume. In fact, I do like him the best when he has an edge, instead of playing the nice guy (which he does a lot). His best role so far imo was in 'Last One Standing'.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone has their own opinion. But I would say Kevin is hot....YES, I am saying he is HOT. I think he looks great in costumes too. :D

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