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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chilam's interview @ Club Sparkle

Special thanks to Qingwa and Julian Thailand Fanclub for the original clip.

Sandra: Then is Charmaine Sheh really a temptress?
Chilam: In which kind of way? I don't know.
Sandra: Charmaine.
Nick: For example in terms of sexiness.
Sandra: Yes. Is she really...
Chilam: Well Charmaine is not a sexy person... is she?
Sandra: She's very tough?
Chilam: No, just that I'm afraid -
Chin Kar Lok: There are some attraction...
Nick: He's lost when you ask him these kind questions.
Sandra: Hahahaha...
Chilam: I become like this (make funny faces).
Sandra: I thought Nick like it when people have lost expression.
Chin Kar Lok: Asking (Chilam) about Charmaine is same as asking Nick about Annie Man. He will also be lost.
Chilam: What? You also?
Nick: This fellow (Chin Kar Lok) is so despicable. He simply linked me with other female artistes and said that I have secret relationship with them in the past.

Watch the full episode here.

Image Hosted by Seems like Sandra is keen to label Charmaine as seductress... always ask similar question when Charmaine is brought up in the show. I haven't watch the full interview yet - will try to finish it tomorrow.

Image Hosted by I've made a [Heaven & Earth] poll below, feel free to take part!

p.s. Have you visited Charmaine's TVB blog today?

1 comment:

Qingwa said...

Thank you very much sehseh for translation.

I feel angry with Sandra's question / comment about Charmaine since Fung interview.

This time I complete dislike her.

Luckily Fung defended Charmaine, so I feel better.

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