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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charmaine @ Raymond Lam's [Let's Get Wet] Concert

Charmaine visited Raymond at backstage and gave him a supportive hug before the concert started! Watch the news clip here and here.


Additional pic credit to Raymond Forest:


Advo said...

Aww, it's so sweet of Charmaine to attend Ray's concert! They must be pretty good friends irl. Wish they would make more dramas together! said...

I have yet to comment on this one. It is so sweet of ah sheh to hug ray before his performance! It show how nice she is towards her friends.

sehseh said...

In around 1:30, you can see Charmaine dancing to the beat :)

claudia said...

I went to Raymond's concert on the 17th of Jun and saw Charmaine :)
OMG i was soooo happy. i was sitting nearly right behind her and got her autograph.
Sheh sheh is soooo pretty !
That was really cool - first time i saw her!

sehseh said...

Claudia, that is so cool!

Did she went wild like a little fan during the concert? Lol...

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