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Saturday, May 09, 2009

TVBE 080509 - Charmaine, Susanna, Michelle & Kara filming

Original clip from Charmaine Baidu Forum


Host talking about the scene where Charmaine and Susanna have to slap each other. As their relationship in real life are quite close, they feel reluctant to hit each other.

Charmaine: Very reluctant. Luckily in the scene our characters are also reluctant to hit each other, because we are being punished we have no choice but slap each other in front of the empress dowager. However, someone will come and rescue me after one or two slaps. We have to repeat the scenes a few times because of NGs and also filming at different camera angle. Actually there is another scene later where I have to be slapped by Tracy Yip.

Host: So many (slapping) scenes?

Charmaine: Yeah... haven't filmed yet. I'm more worried about this scene. Because she is relatively new.

Host: Lol... not much experience in 'slapping' people.

Charmaine: Hahaha... I'm scared she'll slap using full force.

Host: Greetings to Madam Sheung Gong!

Michelle: From today onward, I will be in charge of the four departments in the palace, I hope everyone will co-operate and work hard for the court.

Host mentioned that Michelle was injured because of filming.

Michelle: Mine (wig) is not considered as the heaviest. I think that Susan and Mary's hairstyles are heavier. They have to wear neck brace from the start. My hairstyle is not this huge in the beginning. Susanna and my wig are still okay. But after I changed into this hairstyle, oh my goodness... When I tilt my head forward or backward, it will pull my head. Therefore my neck was hurt.

Host: What did the doctor say?

Michelle: I'll need pysiotherapy. But it's alright, because it look beautiful! All in the name of beauty. So now we have to move our body the same direction of our head.

Kara: I heard that Michelle spine is slightly dislocated because of the heavy hairstyle. They're really heavy. We often have to hold our wigs using hands, and also wear neck brace. In addition, our costumes are quite tight. It's Tang Dynasty, we have to wear lower neckline with tight bodice. We can hardly eat. Everybody lost quite some weight, at least 3 pounds.

Host: Not only they have to bear with the heavy hairstyle, the cast also need to film day in day out.

Susanna: There's one time, not including the filming time for previous night, not counting the time of getting up and stepping out from home, we have to arrive for makeup at 5:00am in the morning. Then we have to go film outdoor scenes and finish indoor scene only about 5:00 in the next morning.

Host: Whoa, that is like more than 20 hours!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo many slapping scenes in the series...

Scroll below for posted news translation and pictures from yesterday's blessing ceremony.

Added 10th May 2009 - J2 clip of Blessing Ceremony

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Moses = 2 and 1/2 Charmaine. Lol....

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