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Monday, May 11, 2009

Here comes 好妃!

Picture credit to little Kristy, who is portraying the young version of Kam Ling (Tavia) in [Beyond the Realm of Conscience].

Image Hosted by Hehehe... that's Lau Sam Ho concubine hairstyle in the series. Her title is 德妃 (Tak Fei).

Event: The filming of [Beyond] opening video

Date: May 12, 2009 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:30pm
Cast: Michelle Yim, Charmaine Sheh, Susanna Kwan, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Ching Hong Wai, Kara Hui, Yoyo Chen, Rosanne Lui, Susan Tse, Mary Hon, Selena Li, Tracy Yip, Mandy Cho, Edwin Siu, Lee Kwok Lun, Cheung Kwok Keung, Lam Yi Kei, Lily Ho.

Later that evening Charmaine will also take part in 《TVB 512再展关怀》, a memorial show for Sichuan earthquake disaster.


Also, Cake Wong posted some pictures in her TVB blog. She mentioned that she will appear in the ending of the series as the 'real' daughter-in-law of Susanna and KK, so yes there are some weird spoilers there.

By the way, someone posted that [Beyond] and [Born Rich] cast will be attending Astro On Demand 2009 press conference on May 22, 2009. Sounds too good to be true, plus the source is from chinese wiki therefore it's not reliable. Anyway, stay tuned for updates!

Don't forget to check out the translation (and synopsis) for [Beyond] below, also TVBE (J2 version) of the blessing ceremony.

p.s. Have you visited Charmaine's TVB Blog today? Charmaine updated her blog with clip and massive pictures from the blessing ceremony!


Qingwa said...

Last night I re-watch last year TVB Gala and when I see the picture of Charmaine and Kristy, I must say Sam Ho's concubine looks do similar with Charmaine looks in TVB Gala, witch I like very much. :D

By the way, I wonder if Cake Wong is Susanna's 'real' daughter-in-law, then who is Susanna's son? When did she's got a son, doesn't palace maid forbid to love another man ??

I think I must wait and see.

hyn5 said...

Isn't Mandy Cho 惠妃?

Does the storyline of "Beyond" say KK has a son?

sehseh said...

Mandy is Edwin's concubine.

Every Tang emperor is entitle to one Gu Fei (Selena * Tracy will be in this rank), one Lai Fei (Tavia), one Wai Fei (Mandy) or Tak Fei (Charmaine).

Actually, the title Tak Fei only apply in early Tang dynasty, they revised that in latter Tang. Dunno why TVB mess this up.

Not sure with KK.. because his romance storyline is supposed to be with Michelle.

hyn5 said...

I thought KK and Susanna had a past relationship? That would make sense for them to get out of the palace at the end. The picture of KK, Susanna, and Cake seems like they are going to have a restaurant after palace life.

sehseh said...

hyn5, I dunno.. .I only saw pictures of KK and Michelle filming together, haven't seen him and Susanna. Maybe it's a love triangle thingy when Michelle-Susan-KK was still young?

Maybe Susanna did have a son out of wedlock with KK? :P

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