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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Charmaine updates

* [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] will wrap up filming end of this month
* Charmaine will take break and visit her mother in Hawaii
* She might be going to South Korea early June
* She will be filming a new series in September
* [Heaven & Earth] will be filmed next year

Information credit to 小维妮 from 小维妮 also posted some clips of Charmaine, Kevin, Moses, Selena & KK filming outdoor scene. You can watch them here. Lol... the sedan is like a musical chair - Charmaine, Moses & KK take turn to sit on it during leisure.

Image Hosted by Filming new series in September eh? My guess that it will be a modern series - and I hope that she can film a new series with Chilam. But September - October normally have a few series filming, therefore it's really hard to predict. Keep your fingers crossed!

Image Hosted by Charmaine also mentioned South Korea - is it a promotional tour for TVBI? Too bad she's not coming to Malaysia though.

Image Hosted by p.s. Added TVB8 news clip for the opening theme video filming. The Mandarin just cracks me up, lol...


hyn5 said...

I am soooooo crossing my fingers! Ha ha...

sehseh said...

You bet :D

Advo said...

So H&E is back on? You made my day!

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