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Sunday, May 24, 2009

[Beyond] TVB Mag Issue 622

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[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh receive permission to date

Though Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng have a lot of rumors recently, this has not affected their mood while filming [Beyond]. Kevin indicated: "I will not pay attention to the rumors, because they tell different version of stories each time. I will take it in my stride. Now I only concentrate in filming series and ignore other stuffs." As for Charmaine, she expressed that she doesn't share that much on-screen time with Kevin. Their ambiguous relationship in the series will only be narrated in the early 10 episodes. Though they have many rumors, they do not feel awkward working together.

P1 captions (top to bottom)

Rumored couple Charmaine and Kevin were given permission to date in [Beyond]. They have more opportunity to spend time with each other during filming, hence the rumors are neverending.

Overcoming obstacles
They portrayed a couple in the series and have to overcome a lot of obstacles to be together because of differences in their social status.

Special task
Kevin portrays a chess master in the series. He may look scholarly in his appearance, but he also has another special task of protecting the emperor (Moses) from danger.

P2 captions (clockwise from top right)

Heart that belong to others
Moses always liked Charmaine but when he found out that she likes Kevin, he has no choice but give up his love.

Timely rescue
An assassin disguised as palace maid attacked Moses. Luckily Kevin arrived in time to rescue him.

Rehearsing the moves
Before filming the actual action scenes, Kevin repeatedly rehearses the movements with the martial art instructor.

Does not panic in time of danger
When Charmaine saw the assassin attacking Moses, she does not panic and even used her body to shield him.

The Battle Continues...

After their fight in [Moonlight Resonance], Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan shifted their battlefield from the cake bakery to the internal palace of [Beyond]. Their fighting never ceased.

P3 captions (clockwise from top right)

Fractured relationship
Michelle and Susanna entered the palace together and shared a sister-like relationship throughout the years. Afterward Michelle misunderstood that Susanna betrayed her and started to regard her as her mortal enemy.

Harboring other intentions
Kara Hui manages the Food and Beverage department. On the surface she appears to be the peacemaker between the four controllers. She will step out and pacify when discord arises, but actually harbor other intentions.

Mean and petty
Grand Empress Dowager Susan Tse is actually a mean and petty person. She has ill intentions toward Moses, a prince born by Mary Hon.

Ruthless to achieve goals
Almost everyone fought for their own personal gains in the palace. The internal palace is the place where women schemed against each other. Using underhand tactics, Tavia rose from the rank of a lowly maid to an imperial concubine. She is not to be taken lightly.

The fourth article is Yoyo Chen's blog entry in TVB mag. She mentioned that it was a happy experience working with Tavia and Charmaine.

Tavia, Devily Leung, Charmaine and Yoyo grew up in the palace together. Yoyo's character likes to bully others, especially Tavia & Charmaine.

Image Hosted by Hehehe Charmaine looks adorable in the picture, she look the youngest!

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