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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

[电视剧] Issue 203 - [Beyond] @ FILMART HKCEC

Magazine scans credit to wshxwan from Charmaine Sheh Baidu Forum.

Never-ending portrayal of internal palace struggle

(Note: Some part of the article are summarized for smoother translation. I apologize in advance for any unintentional mistake(s), or bad grammar)

The global financial crisis worsens daily and affect industries worldwide. Series production is also affected and they struggle to reduce the cost as precaution against the financial crisis which shows no indication of ending. However the usually cost cutting TVB have invested heavily into two grand productions – [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] and [Born Rich]. They even set up a grand stage promoting the series during Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) at HKCEC recently. TVB never slack off in their promotional activities and the cast appeared in colorful costumes amidst the warm temperature. Even though they keep smiling, they are actually sweating profusely in the back, making many reporters who are wearing T-shirt and Bermudas feel admirable. [Beyond] cast consist of two pair fadan and siusang, with Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung, and Moses Chan leading the others to appear at the event. According to Stephen Chan’s introduction, the series invested heavily in the set and wardrobe, hoping to reproduce the original grandeur of Dynasty Tang. Charmaine Sheh who is portraying Sam Ho appeared delicate yet elegant in her sweeping pastel pink dress and hair gently combed up – bringing out the personality of her character in the series.

Sam Ho sworn sister in the series; Yiu Kam Ling is portrayed by Tavia Yeung. She wore the same costume and hairstyle as Charmaine. Compared to Charmaine's understated elegance, Tavia’s make up is more colorful with her drawn eyebrow and pinkish glow, making her prettier than flower. As for their escorts Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan, they both wore elaborate costumes. Kevin Cheng portrays [Sir] Gao who is talented in both poetry and martial arts. His costumes reflect gallantry while not lacking refinement. As for Moses Chan, he portrays the esteemed emperor, therefore his costume naturally feel commanding and powerful. Compared to his role Gam Wing Ho in [MR], Moses has gained some weight but this is appropriate for his role in the series. You won't feel convinced seeing a skinny man wearing emperor's robe. On the other hand Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan wore intricate official costumes, the splendor is indescribable. The cast successfully stole everyone's attention and reporters keep on snapping their pictures. TVB actually film plenty of series annually, why are TVB emphasizing on this two series? Let us analyze the reasons behind this.

TVB never lacked in impressive casting when it comes to their annual grand productions. The trend of year 2009 continues to be the thriving of veteran actors, with two of them winning Best Actress Award two years in a row. In addition, this series invited several experienced actors who can reach with multi-level of audiences, for example Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan. Perhaps just a promotional tactic, Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng has been created on-screen couple after winning Best Actor and Actress award. Their collaboration has created many topics. After [War & Beauty], audiences began liking similar genre of internal palace struggle. In addition the scriptwriter for this series is Ka Wai Nam, who also wrote [Greatness of a Hero]. He is very experienced in internal palace storyline and has his own unique method of doing things. Most importantly, this series doesn't just rely on star-studded cast, behind the scene crew are important too. The executive producer for this series is Mui Siu Ching, whom series has always been popular. It's not difficult to see why others anticipate this series with its star-studded cast, likable genre, grand wardrobe and Mui Siu Ching as its producer.

Charmaine Sheh – The trooper Sam Ho

No matter how many hardships she faced in the series, Sam Ho maintained her true personality. She also have a romantic relationship with Kevin Cheng's character Ko Hin Yeung. Rest assured that the audiences would not be disappointed with their chemistry after collaborating in [Forensic Heroes 2]. Physical hardship is one of the challenges to tackle in this role. Charmaine said: "This is a series where there will be a lot of hardships; being abused and scolded are frequent happenings. I already did a tally, most of it being punished to kneel or slapped in the face. Tavia had it harder, her lips will be stitched using thread and needle!"

Tavia Yeung – Challenging evil role

Yiu Kam Ling uses the 'beauty trick' and successfully becomes the honored consort of the emperor. However in her heart is Ko Hin Yeung, therefore creating a confusing love triangle and conflict between the sworn sisters. Tavia's character in [MR] is extremely likable and increased her speed in climbing up the ranks. However, she hopes for breakthrough and thus portraying the role of Yiu Kam Ling is extremely enjoyable for her. She said: "Mentioning this, all the female cast in the series has a pitiful fate, it's either being slapped or punished. It feels so exhausting after filming."

Kevin Cheng – Dare to snatch away the emperor’s woman

Ko Hin Yeung is very popular with ladies in the series, a bunch of women will get jealous because of him. For an imperial guard to achieve this status, it's certainly enjoyable than being the emperor himself. However, this will definitely endanger his life. Kevin feels relaxed outside the series: "All of us are long acquainted friends, I've collaborated with Moses before, also a few times with Charmaine. You can say that we are accustomed to each other, therefore there's no need to worry about chemistry. Regarding the series selling point, I feel it's the love triangle relationship, regarding for who Charmaine will choose in the end, well you have to watch the series to find out."

Moses Chan – It’s not easy being an emperor

This is not the first time Moses portrays an emperor. In the past he almost went crazy portraying Emperor Chu (PITNOL), but the current emperor role isn't easy either. "I'm an emperor in this series, but most of the time I'm troubled with matter of the heart. Though there are numerous beauties in the palace, as usual its difficult pursuing Charmaine. As we film during the hottest weather, Kevin and my costumes are rather thick therefore we wore shorts underneath. At least we can 'breathe' when we're not filming."

Susanna Kwan & Michelle Yim – Accidental Hitter

The internal palace is controlled by four 'Sheung Gong', Michelle portrays 'Si Zhai' Chung Suet Ha who controls the Embroider Department, while Susanna Kwan portrays 'Si Zhen' Yuen Chui Wan from Jewellery Department. Both of them not only need to fight against the other two 'Sheung Gong' for power and status, they also have to guard against their subordinates from climbing up the ranks. Therefore the innocent Sam Ho and Kam Ling often end up as scapegoats amidst these endless fighting. Susanna said: "The most difficult scene is where I hit Tavia, we get along very well outside the series, but the script says I have to brutally hit Tavia, I can't bring myself to do it. Even though we manipulated the camera angle, I still accidentally hit her and caused her face to swell up. I feel really bad about it!" Michelle said: "There's one scene where I stand in as the hitter. As the hitter, not the body double. It's a scene where Susanna exchanges slap with someone and I end up hitting her for real. We finished filming in one take."

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Meanwhile, here's some [Beyond] filming pictures from today's news:

p.s. Charmaine is supposed to have outdoor scene yesterday, but her schedule was canceled last minute because she was sick. She's back to filming today. Gambate Charmaine, please take care of your health!

Added news pics on April 16:


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