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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Charmaine filming ad for 光华小柴胡颗粒

Charmaine is the new spokesperson for 光华小柴胡颗粒, an established Chinese pharmaceutical in Mainland China. She just filmed a TV ad - the above are some stills from the filming.

[ 10/04/09] - Only translated parts related to Charmaine, please do not repost.

"April 5th is a busy day at Zhu Jiang Recording Studio as workers from Shen Lang Advertising Agency prepares for the filming. Famous HK TV actress Charmaine Sheh arrived from Hong Kong early in the morning to film advertisement for 白云山光华小柴胡颗粒. The beautiful and striking Charmaine is very professional in her performance, completing filming with just one take.

Director: The filming for the advertisement is very challenging, as Charmaine can only allocate 10 hour for filming, and this have to include make-up, wardrobe, photography for print ads, voice recording. Otherwise there will be extra cost for incurred time. The filming crew made preparations earlier for Charmaine to take pictures for print ads during spare time. Luckily, we happily complete filming within the allocated time. The filming cast and crew took pictures together and I sat next to Charmaine. Originally we sat quite apart and she smiled and said: "Director, come a bit closer." At first I'm afraid that she might feel uncomfortable, I didn't imagine that she is so gracious. I teasingly replied: "I get nervous sitting near a beautiful lady." Before saying goodbye she told me that she hope I can show the advertising clip as soon it is available.

Mr Leung (company representative) on why they choose Charmaine as spokesperson:

Our product target is the age group between 20-40 years old audience, with housewives as main consumer. Therefore we wish to select artiste in their 30's who is influential in this consumer group. Charmaine Sheh is currently the popular leading actress in Hong Kong TV industry, and she fitted our consumer demand. In addition, her image is very beautiful and charismatic therefore she is suitable to represent our brand."

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