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Thursday, March 26, 2009

TVBE 230309

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Host: When filming scenes together with Kevin and Charmaine, do you feel difficult to grasp... or like...
Moses: Yes, yes I understand what you mean. It's like I can't 'enter', I finally know how it feels.
Host: Like an outsider. Easier for them to immerse in acting.
Moses: Yes, hahaha. Just joking.
Host: Moses said it's difficult for him to immerse in acting because of Charmaine and Kevin's good relationship. He feels like an outsider during filming.
Charmaine: Then we should ask Bernice to film instead. Is that what he meant?

Scoop 250309

Credit to phasebb

TVB8 clip

Credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Kevin Cheng Official Website have just posted 6 clips of Charmaine, Kevin and Ben Wong filming [Beyond], you may want to check it out here. Ben have a funky hairdo here hehehe...

Also some pictures of Moses, Cheung Chi Kwong, Lee Kwok Lun, Lau Dan, Edwin Siu and Tracy Yip filming:

Credit to KuangaiTVB BBS.

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