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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TVBE 010309 - Charmaine, Kevin, Michelle filming [Beyond]

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Charmaine: I'm not used to it. Because I've never seen him in costume series. Eh, he looks ok. Quite handsome. I believe that he will film more costume series in the future, he had it coming! Lol...

Host: Just now he praised that you look pretty.

Charmaine: Thank you to him.

Kevin: I rarely film costume series. People might feel that I'm a bit modernized, and wonder if I'll look strange in costume series. Therefore I have to thank the wardrobe and design department for specially creating two hairstyles for me. The outcome is quite nice, I'm satisfied with it.

Host mentions that Kevin feel challenged by the complex dialogues.

Kevin: First you have to understand its meaning, sometimes they are very technical. For example my role is a chess master, so when we are talking about chess strategy, I don't really understand it. Therefore I have to memorize them. That's a disaster because during school, I'm scared of memorizing text.

Charmaine: Most difficult? I think it's because (my role) is divided into several stage, from low ranked palace maid to higher rank. Therefore I have to be aware, because we film the time line randomly.

The host asked Kevin about his music teacher Lau Ka Cheung involvement in Taiwan court case. Kevin expressed that he's not too worried and has confidence in his teacher.

The next scene moves on to Michelle Yim, Susan Tse, Mary Hon, Kara Hui filming praying scene.

Host: I heard that the wig is so heavy that you need to wear neck brace?

Michelle: Yeah, we need that for the wig, you can't move your head forward or backward, have to maintain middle position. If you move too much, the pins inside the wig will be displaced and might hurt your scalp. Because its loosened. Therefore it feels uncomfortable.

Kara: I feel comfortable (with the weather). They say I'm crazy. They all wore shawls and sweaters.

Michelle: She is too much! We are so cold and she's still holding a mini fan. She's a heat generator.

Kara: When I feel warm my face will look flushed. As you can see, we have to maintain our beautiful makeup - it's an order, therefore I keep using the mini fan to stop my face from sweating.

Edited March 6, 2009: TVB8 clip

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Tavia: Today is my... xx day working (she lost track) filming this series. We are now at TVB costume street, at the terrace/tower. The scene is about Susan Tse; the empress dowager wanted to jump off the tower. Mary Hon and I came to coax and rescue her.

Moses: Like everyone else we started working very early, 5am in the morning. It's been quite a while since I last saw a long queue waiting for makeup and hair at 5am in the morning. That's because we have a big cast for this series. My hair is the same, I need to spend 2 hour daily to set it therefore it's quite tiring. I also start working at 5am, therefore no complaint. Don't complaint ok?

Tavia: Everyday a lot of people went to make up and start work together, the amusing part is every morning I wake up and see myself without makeup, when I reach the company I see colleagues without make up, everyone closed their eyes, haha! (No eyes see - she is probably referring where everyone look tired without make-up)

The host mentions that Tavia noticed something about the actors in the show...

Tavia: In the series, apart from the situation of 'no eyes see', we are in Tang dynasty, where the ladies costumes are more low cut, and the men eyes will concentrate on our bosom, they hope that our neckline goes lower, and 'bigger', they have many desires! But we won't let them have their way, we have a limit for TV standard, therefore as long as it's beautiful, that's enough for us. They are pervert!

Kevin: Actually it's ok. Have you watched 'Curse of the Golden Flower' (he couldn't remember the title)? If you say low cut, then I'll say the costumes of the ladies in 'Curse' is considered real low cut. But we (Beyond) are using TV standard, so considered ok. Haha!

Moses: Actually it's quite difficult for the actresses. Look at our weather, the sun is so strong and they are wearing low cut dress. I heard that, I'm not sure since I have not seen yet, they already have tanning lines appearing (on their bosom), and the upper is darker, due to their costumes. Nevermind, as long as the effect on-screen is beautiful that will be alright. Their Tang wardrobe is really beautiful, another kind of feeling, and the script is great, therefore I hope the series will have good outcome.

Host: Apart from costumes, make up and scenery, the series also place emphasis in action scenes. Kevin 'vital position' was almost injured in this scene.

Kevin: Hah he did it on purpose. He is just joking (Lee Kwok Lun). Lol... actually it's this area (stomach), nearby is still okay but don't grab lower! No, no, no he won't do that. He is a very experienced actor. I have confidence in him. Actually there's not much action scene today. In the next few days I will be filming my 1st appearance scene, where I sword danced. There's more action in that scene. Today's scene are considered as simple in comparison. There are some mistakes but the filming is quite smooth.

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