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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kevin Cheng: Waiting for time to ripe

[Wenweipo 29/03/09]

Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh resumed filming [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] at TVB City yesterday. Earlier Charmaine was photographed by a tabloid sitting in the passenger seat of rumored boyfriend Kevin's car, which she denied afterward. However when she was interviewed by reporters, she changed her statement and admitted about it, even indicated that couples started as friend and asked reporters to force Kevin to make a stand.

Yesterday reporters questioned Kevin regarding his 'underground relationship being exposed', does that mean he's preparing to make it public? Kevin said: "It's the same old story. I can only give the same answer every time. I would like to thank the tabloid for allowing me to be on front page again. However the timing is incorrect, they should wait and write something like this when [Beyond] is airing so that we could save on promotional expenses." Kevin straightforwardly said: "I don't understand why giving a ride could also be featured on front page, I have hitched plenty of rides from other artiste's car, among them Myolie Wu."

Please give me some space

When will he reveal about his personal relationship then? Kevin answered: "I've already said this many times, I will introduce my bride when I get married. As for now I'll just maintain my usual attitude. (Charmaine want you to express?) She hasn't asked me. (Charmaine told reporters to ask you whether you have intention to pursue her?) Huh! So amusing? Wait until she asks me personally; have to wait for the time to ripe. I repeat again, whatever I need to say I have already done so. Thank you for everyone’s concern. I hope everyone to give me some space."

Why is he evading? He said: "I've always been consistent in my attitude, I've never changed. I feel that everyone needs space. If you want me to hurry up and get a wife, the give me some space!" Have you reached mutual agreement with Charmaine? He stressed again: "I have always meant what I answered, no need for mutual agreement. If there's any mutual agreement, we should have done so two days ago!"

Incompatible astrology? [It's alright]

Mentioning Fengshui Master Mak Ling Ling indicating that their astrology is incompatible and will affect their marriage, Kevin smiled: "This is too early to say, it's alright for friends. (Mak Ling Ling also said that Charmaine will find her Mr Right next year?) You seem to believe in Mak Ling Ling very much. I've said whatever I need to say. I will introduce my future wife when it's time to get married."

Regarding Charmaine denying hitching a ride on his car and then changing her statement, Kevin strongly supported and said: "If my mum asked me whether I have a difficult time filming, I will answer that I don't feel difficult. (Did your mum ask if you are dating?) Only my mum and I know."

Afterward, reporters conveyed Kevin's intention to Charmaine. Charmaine have a big expression and laughed: "I've never said so, don't frame me! I only said leave things to fate, we are just colleagues."

No repost allowed.

Image Hosted by Stupid doggies, stupid reporters! Though I hate tabloids, I detest local dailies such as The Sun and Oriental Daily (same company). They always use repulsive words in their headlines and content. At least Mingpao, Wenweipo and sometimes Singpao have a more balanced report. That's why I often avoid translating The Sun and Oriental if I can get the same information from other dailies.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnyway enough of my ramblings. The reporters are so 'busy' with the gossips that they did not cover the filming. Yesterday Charmaine, Kevin, Moses and Vivi are filming a garden scene where [Spoilers: Charmaine bumped into Moses while picking flowers for her demised mother. Vivi, a palace maid attempted to assassinate Moses and Kevin came to the rescue.] There's a TVBE clip interviewing Moses, Kevin, Charmaine and I will post it here once it's available. I also heard a shocking spoiler in TVB mag about Charmaine and Moses in the series, but it's not verified therefore I won't reveal it to avoid distressing fans. If you know how to read chinese, the spoiler is at the bottom right caption.

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By the way, love Charmaine's new costume - the yellow robe is just gorgeous! Wonder if she will change hairstyle...

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Higher resolution pics courtesy of Charmaine Baidu Forum:

By the way, here's some pictures of Tavia and Susanna rehearsing their scenes.

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Funn Lim said...

Kevin Cheng seems flustered, almost annoyed and that is not good. I always thought Charmaine's ideal man is Chilam and it is unfortunate she met him too late. Next is Sunny but Sunny is not interested in her and I don't think she is interested in him. Maybe Benny is her true love. If they're dating and if they want to avoid such questions perhaps it is time to just admit it and then break off and then stay under the radar type of couple. What is the problem of admitting? I always thought the HK papparazzi may be intrusive but their news/gossip reporting are always if not quite almost accurate so yes I believe they're dating but under the pressure not to. Maybe Kevin has a sugarmummy who disapproves of the whole fiasco. Truth is whilst I thought Kevin is a very good looking serious kinda guy, I feel Charmaine could do well with a lighthearted guy, someone funnier and at ease with the press because let's face it, she is famous and she will always have the press running after her. So I hope she doesn't end up with Kevin because he is a mistake. I am more convinced when he is annoyed at the questions. She needs a good PR type of guy. Not sure who but there's always someone... she should just wait. Still young.

mare said...

hmmm, i dont consider that a spoiler... haha... i thought we all knew that li yi has a thing for sam ho... unless im not reading it correctly... :/

sehseh said...

Mare, I do think you are reading it slightly wrong.

宠辛 means a different context when it comes to emperor. It doesn't just mean love, it literally means 'sleeping' with the emperor. So now you know what the spoiler is?

So I'm not sure if TVB mag misprinted. But it is possible, since Moses is the emperor and all the women in the palace belongs to him - surely he have the liberty to 宠辛 any women he fancies. It also make sense why Tavia character will hate Charmaine in the end.

p.s. I also heard that Tavia was promoted to consort because of political reason. And Charmaine was not because of her family background (also political reason). Unconfirmed.

mare said...

oh i see... i was wondering if that's what it meant... but wont that make her kinda like a concubine..? or is there another term for it... haha...
i just didnt think sam ho would do something like that... :/

and i dont really mind... hehe... makes it more interesting... ^_^

sehseh said...

Sleeping with the emperor doesn't make you a concubine. It's up to the emperor whether he want to promote your ranking. Most of the time, it's more connected to political connection. I think that IF Sam Ho really does sleep with Emperor, there might be something such have her family background (offend the past emperor, commited death punishment, descendant of a too powerful family that threatened position of the empress etc) which might hinder the emperor from promoting her, even if he wants to.

p.s No woman can say No to emperor, because that also spell Death to her and whole family clan.

mare said...

OMM (oh my moses), this is getting complicated... haha...
kinda makes one of them look bad... :P mostly li yi (li chen) since he IS the emperor... hoho..! >.<
i just hope she did it willingly... heee..! :P
i was so hoping that moses would portray of those "decent" emperors... pervert does not work for me... well, at least not for this series...

sehseh said...

I won't call him a pervert, just that he can possess anything and anyone, including the woman he love.

Have you check out the TVB8 I post? Hahaha Moses said touch wood, no one robbed me before! Hahaha.

mare said...

but i hope that she loves him back... haha... 'cause it would just be an awkward relationship if she didnt...

yes, i saw the clip earlier... and finally there's a public link to it... hehe... :D
still angry the reporters didnt take a pic of him... O_o

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