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Monday, March 09, 2009

Kevin Cheng planning to elope with Charmaine Sheh

[Singtao 09/03/09]

Last evening Kevin Cheng and rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh arrived at Sheung Shui Kam Tsin Village to film [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Charmaine look striking in her low cut costume but the two of them rarely interact, seemingly afraid of spreading rumors again. The scene is about Kevin seeking Charmaine to elope together. In real life, both of them expressed that they are the type who dares to love and hate!

Kevin and Charmaine became the limelight since accepting to film this series. The scene narrates Charmaine releasing wishing lantern by the lake and Kevin who is playing the chess master discussed about eloping. In the end both of them stayed in order to assist Moses who is playing a king. When not filming, they do not interact and elude each other. (Note: King is not emperor)

When Kevin was asked if he considered eloping in real life, he laughed: "Hong Kong is not in feudal era, now everyone have the freedom to love." Kevin self-admitted that he is someone who dares to love and hate. Will he sacrifice his career for love like Francois Huynh? "I've never encountered such circumstance; I will let you know when I encounter it. Plus, everybody have different personalities." Kevin was also asked why he looked a little evasive with Charmaine. "We'll chat if there's something to talk about. We won't avoid each other because of the rumors. You can't expect us to deliberately find a meaningless topic to chat right?"

When Charmaine doesn't need to film, she quickly wrapped herself with a fleece blanket to avoid getting cold. She explained that the costumes in this series era are a bit thin and a little revealing. Asked if she dare to wear the costumes in [Curse of the Golden Flower], Charmaine laughed: "No I won't. Those are movies, mine are following TV standards." Mentioning that Kevin is a person who dares to love and hate, is she the same? "That depends if the opposite party is worth it. I'm more daring when I'm younger, because I have more 'bargaining chips'. My bargaining chips dwindled for my current age."

Has that worthy person appeared? She indicates that she would like him to appear soon. Someone like this has appeared in the past, but now has gone. She frankly said that she presently won't give up career for love. This is because she fears boredom, even if she's married she hope her future husband will allow her to film one series per year, unless she needs to take care of children. Regarding Francois sacrificing for love, Charmaine expressed that everybody have different perspectives in life. She prefers her career at the moment. Why is she keeping a distance from Kevin? "No, why mention rumors, so boring. We do not evade each other, we are just working."

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hyn5 said...

It seems like Steven's costume in "Where the Legend Begins" is the only one for guys to wear in ancient series. Ron wore it in "Lost in the Chambers of Love" and Raymond Cho wore it in "The Greatness of a Hero." There is also one more person, but I can't remember who it is at this moment. Ha ha...

sehseh said...

Recycle... that's what TVB do :D

One piece of costume for so many dynasty period... lol

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