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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Kevin Cheng not qualified to share Charmaine Sheh personal feelings

[Singtao 01/03/09]

Rumored couple Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng praised each other during the filming of [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Kevin rarely film costume series in the past and though Charmaine is not used to seeing him in costume, she feel that his look is unexpectedly handsome. Apart from thanking Charmaine, Kevin praised Charmaine's costume series look has always been good looking. Hearing this, Charmaine loudly thank him from afar. This is their 3rd collaboration, they indeed have mutual understanding.

The scene is about Charmaine and Kevin having good impression of each other and sharing their personal feelings. However in real life, Charmaine will not share her personal feelings with Kevin. She stressed that it's not because Kevin is boring, but she mostly share her personal feelings with friends she grew up with or those outside the entertainment circle. Is she afraid of having rumors with Kevin again? Charmaine said she couldn't fret about it, work is most important therefore she won't feel awkward. She will 'reconcile' with Kevin in the coming 3 months because of work. On the other hand, Kevin said the rumors of breaking up and reconciling has repeatedly being spread, as for now he will just concentrate on filming and will not be bothered by other stuff. In regard of the possibility of Edelweiss Cheung being banned from Miss Hong Kong related events for constantly rejecting jobs by using health as excuse, Charmaine indicate that perhaps Edelweiss is still young and doesn't know how to cherish her opportunities. She said that the company will decide their action; therefore it's not convenient for her to comment.

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The cast of [Beyond] has been busy filming at different location daily. Their filming schedule is extremely packed due to the large number of cast.

TVBE clip - Moses, Kevin & Tavia filming

Special thanks to Bebe. Please do not repost the clip.

Note: In the clip, Tavia was seen involved in a tussle with Susan, who is portraying Empress Dowager Guo. In history Empress Dowager Guo was depressed that Emperor Xuānzong (Moses in the series) did not respect her and tried to commit suicide by jumping off Qinzheng Tower. The reason why Emperor Xuānzong did not treat her with respect was because his mother, Empress Dowager Zheng (Mary in the series) used to be Guo personal maid before becoming a concubine, hence holding a grudge against her. Empress Dowager Guo died the same evening under suspicious circumstances. Something to do with Tavia's character? Mentioning Tavia, Emperor Xuānzong only have one empress, that is Empress Chao (晁). Information online said that Tavia character name is Yiu Kam Ling 姚金鈴 (surname is different), therefore I think she will not become the empress. Another interesting point is that the record of Xuānzong concubines were lost, therefore TVB can take liberty in creating characters. Xuānzong though considered intelligent among latter Tang emperors, end up poisoned to death due to testing immortality pills, just like his predecessors.

Below is some pictures taken by fans and passerby as TVB is filming their outdoor garden scene at Ling Nam Park. Hehehe....

Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Mary Hon & Susan Tse filming.

TVB 'hiding' modern amnesties such as dustbin, sign post, road lamps with props. Lol...

Pictures credit to 丁蟹

Mary Hon, Susan Tse, Lily Ho & Vivi Lee outdoor filming. Look at Mary and Susan impressive costume and accessories!

Pictures credit to wahwah.

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