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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charmaine Sheh: A blessing in disguise

[The Sun 25/03/2009]

Sonija Kwok was bitten by her foreign maid yesterday, creating debate among artistes. Good friend Sharon Chan was shocked and said: "That maid is really vicious! I was stunned after hearing it! I feel that she is not suitable for this job, she should return and cool down in her country." As for Charmaine Sheh, she said: "I knew about the incidence and try to call Sonija but she did not pick up the phone. This incidence is considered a blessing in disguise*. As for Michael Tao who gave negative comments about Sonija earlier could not be contacted for comment.

*不幸中鮋大幸 Meaning it's fortunate to escape with minor scathe in such dangerous situation

Apple Daily version:

Sonija's good sister Charmaine Sheh found out about the attack and said: "The most important this is she's not harmed. I will call and ask about her condition. This is completely unexpected and she must be terrified. She's smart to call the police and escaped from danger."

Image Hosted by That maid was mentally disturbed... apart from biting Sonija's arm she also held knife at them and pushed Sonija's mother. Hope Sonija get well soon.

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