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Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Beyond] filming update - Charmaine & Tavia

Pictures credit to 丁蟹.

Fans filmed some clips of Charmaine & Tavia here. Special thanks to Lizzy for informing us.

Pictures credit to softent/berlin.

Pictures from anonymous blog. Special thanks to KuangaiTVB BBS for the images above.

Kevin Cheng Official Website also provided some exclusive pictures and clip of Kevin & Moses filming [Beyond]. Please note that the images and clip and not allowed to be reposted elsewhere without prior permission. Click on the image below and you'll be redirected to

Added: 3 Weekly mag scan and pics:

Credit to Kenwick @ 法拉城 and KuangaiTVB BBS.

Image Hosted by Why Kevin is stuffing the scripts into his boots? For easy access? Lol...

Updates from Selena TVB Blog:
Selena said that she will have several hairstyles in the series.

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p.s. Updated TVBE clip to full version. Scroll down to watch the interview!

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