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Friday, March 06, 2009

3 Weekly: Kevin & Charmaine filming [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]

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Image Hosted by We can ignore the content, it's a bit 'mou liu' anyway - basically said that Kevin & Charmaine faked their break up and tried to avoid each other when there's reporters around. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Image Hosted by Charmaine look really pretty in the series, cute palace maid haha...

Updated: 新 Monday magazine, Moses & Kevin filming

Click on the image to redirect to Kevin Cheng Official Website

Singapore's 8 Days magazine did an interview with Kevin, there's a part where he praised Charmaine:

A huge thanks to Xenia for the mag scans.

Below are two pictures from Vivi Lee blog (Tit Yau Dong in The Four):

Special credit to KuangaiTVB BBS.

Her role is a loyal maidservant to Empress Dowager Guo (Susan Tse) and there's a scene where she will assassinate Moses. She will have fighting scene with Kevin. Vivi is a Wing Chun champion (Chinese martial art) in real life! I guess Lily Ho will be playing Empress Dowager Zheng (Mary Hon) maidservant.

p.s. Updated TVB8 clip below to a clearer and complete version.

By the way, some news about [Heaven and Earth]. Earlier last year Bowie have confirmed that he will be taking part in [Heaven] and filming is expected to take place late 2009. However today during interview Nick Cheung said he's unable to confirm when filming is going to start as there's some production problems. I guess his schedule became packed since he won Best Actor at HKFA and he wanted a complete script before filming. So filming might be postponed again.


Advo said...

Well, I definite prefer that they postpone filming of Heaven & Earth than filming without Nick! I'm super excited for it because I love Nick and Charmaine.

sehseh said...

Advo, you're right. The series won't be the same without Nick & Charmaine. The fresh pairing is the main reason I'm looking forward to this.
Plus it's been quite a while since Charmaine took part in Chik Kei Yi's series, now that she has paid her 'dues' to Tommy's side producers, she can resume filming more on Catherine's side.

hyn5 said...

Nick Cheung did not win 'Best Actor' at HKFA. He won at "The 15th HK Film Critics Society" along with Pao Hei Ching for 'Best Actress.' HKFA will be held on April 19th.

sehseh said...

Thanks hyn5, my bad... I didn't keep up with HK movie awards...

You think Nick will have strong chance in HKFA?

Advo said...

Exactly, the strong pairing of Nick and Charmaine is what's making me really excited for the serie besides the fact that the Sales Presentation clip also made the theme very fresh and interesting. Btw, do you know if it's true that Linda has joined the serie? I am SO annoyed that they include her in EVERY popular serie, there's no escaping her!!!

sehseh said...

Basically, no details are confirmed about filming.

Linda Chung revealed yesterday that she will be filming a modern series after her costume series (filming this month), so it should be in July/August.

I do not think it's HAE, because the schedule is too soon, even Nick said that he have not confirmed yet.


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