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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gallen Lo getting married, Charmaine Sheh surprised

[Singtao 04/02/2009] Note: Translated Charmaine's part only

Once Gallen Lo rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh only knew about Gallen's engagement when reporters called her for interview yesterday. She was surprised and said that she will congratulate him through SMS. She didn't know about Gallen dating and getting married again as they seldom contact each other nowadays. When asked when is her turn to get married, Charmaine said: "Anytime! Look at Gallen, announcing his marriage on short notice! This kind of thing is hard to say! However I will call him to gossip a bit. As long as he is happy!" Charmaine feel that Gallen will send her an invitation card to his wedding dinner, not worried being left out at all.

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Image Hosted by Congratulations Gallen! Gallen is engaged with Mainland China actress Su Yan and they do look like a compatible pair. From the news interview Gallen sound happy and excited, we should too be happy that he found his soulmate. I'm sure he still cared about his ex-wife and son, they will always be a part of his family.

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Extra: The Greatness of a Hero themesong 定局 / Foregone by Hins Cheung

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Here's the themesong as per requested: (Not full version)


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