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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Earning less than rumored girlfriend, Kevin Cheng: "I'm not short of money"

Note: Below is a part of Kevin Cheng's interview when he came to Singapore with Kate 2 days ago. Translated from

When being exposed that he earned less than his rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng doesn't know whether to laugh or cry: "I'm not short of money."

Money earning capability is weaker than Charmaine? Kevin shakes his head: "I will not show my bank savings to others!"

Hong Kong tabloid reported that Kevin doesn't earn as much as rumored girlfriend Charmaine. Charmaine earned as much as HKD12 million. Regarding income, Kevin straightforwardly said "I don't know". When questioned about his personal income, he’s not upset and smiled: "I'm very satisfied; it's just them (the magazines) that are not satisfied."

He felt that the reports are irresponsible and stated that he is not short of money. For his concerned fans, they do not need to worry for him. In addition, he doesn't need to show his bank savings just because someone wrote nonsense.

Someone said that he is the beloved artiste of TVB executive Virginia Lok and she is very protective of him. Kevin refutes: "It's not just me, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Moses Chan are also beloved artistes, and she also dotes on female artistes..."

Discussing about his plans in the Year of Ox, Kevin frankly said that he wished for lesser rumors. It's been said that he broke up with Charmaine because of his boring personality, he replied: "We are good friends, how could good friends break up?"

Kevin smilingly praised that Singapore environment is very safe and comfortable without paparazzi. He hopes to have the chance to purchase a house here in the future.

No repost allowed.

Image Hosted by Kevin mentioned that [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] will officially start filming on Feb 20, 2009. I went to google about Kevin's chess master role and the official title in history is 'Imperial Attendant of Chess'. I believe that Kevin's role will be loosely based on Tang Dynasty Guo Shiyan.

Updated 11/2: [Beyond] costume fitting will take place on Feb 16 (Monday).

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