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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Charmaine Sheh is the highest earning TVB managed artiste in 2008

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Note: The total amount is just speculation and not entirely correct, though close.

According to Next Magazine (Issue 987), Charmaine is the highest earning TVB managed artistes with an estimated income of HKD12.1 million in 2008. Due to her series [War & Beauty] and [The Drive of Life], this TVB 1st Sister is immensely popular in Mainland China and South East Asia, despite high fees.

1. Charmaine Sheh HKD12.1 million
2. Raymond Lam HKD9.3 million
3. Bernice Liu HKD6.3 million
4. Moses Chan HKD5.6 million
5. Bosco Wong HKD4.79 million

Image Hosted by Lol… Congratulations to Charmaine – "Chu long yup sui". According to the magazine Charmaine reclaimed the highest earning throne from Bernice Liu (Charmaine was the highest earning in 2006, Bernice in 2007).

Charmaine is also endorsing Mainland China beauty/slimming company Naturade in 2009.

Charmaine Sheh: Joe Ma is a gentleman

[Apple Daily 05/02/2009]

Note: In light of recent scandal of a sexual pervert (Salty Pork Hand) in TVB, a list of actors became prime suspects and fellow female artistes were asked to comment on this. Joe Ma was one of the 'suspect' and Charmaine defended him. Below is the news translation (translated Charmaine's part only).

Though Astrid Chan yesterday clarified that Joe Ma is not a pervert, Joe's best friend Charmaine Sheh still defended him: "I definitely think that my friends are good people. Joe is already married and have a son, he will not do such thing." Joe also said: "Everyone know it's not me, feeling helpless. Even though no one came out to expose him (the pervert), he should take this incidence as warning and stop himself from becoming worse. I feel sorry for the ladies, they felt confused and do not know how to seek help on the spot, letting it slip after a few days. They should shout for help." Joe pointed that the pervert is affecting the image of the artistes: "He should automatically get lost, he knows his own fault. Even if he's not in the entertainment field he should mind his behavior, this is a criminal offense."

Image Hosted by Seriously, if there is really a pervert in TVB, then Kingdom Yuen should reveal who it is rather than giving hints and leaving the media to make wild guess. It's really unfair for the 'suspected' artistes because they image and earning will be affected. 'Water also cannot clean'.

On a sidenote, [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] held a mini costume tryout yesterday. Only Tavia Yeung, Selena Li, Mandy Cho and Tracy Yip participated in the tryout.

Image Hosted by I know the hairstyle is over the top but during the Tang Dynasty, they really love to pile their hair really high and wear a lot of hairpins and flowers. I saw some ancient paintings of that dynasty and they really look very extravagant.

p.s. Remember to vote for Charmaine at Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards!


Funn Lim said...

I thought charmaine is already a spokesperson for one slimming company, can she now represent another in similar capacity or has she been let off in the 1st contract? Because you can't endorce coca-cola and pepsi at the same time, she can be sued if it is stated in the contract. Or are they sister companies??

sehseh said...

I'm not sure myself. But the contract being handled by TVB means that they should have a clause describing on the limitation of the contract. i.e. endorsing certain product in certain geographical place.
Chances are her contract with Terimee should be ending this year as they just added Danson Tang into their spokesperson list in 2009, and I don't know if they can afford keeping two (expensive) spokesperson.

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