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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] costume fitting news clips

Updates: Added TVB8 news clip 20/2

[Frontline E-News]

Credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum

Host: How do you feel waking catwalk in ancient costume? Is it the same as normal fashion show?
Moses: Totally different, the first in history. I've never, in ancient street, with such environment and with almost half of TVB female artistes in the series, the atmosphere, the female allure, the struggle, the colorful ladies, the beauty, so incredible...
Tavia: How incredible?! Lol...
Moses: All of them displayed at the same time.

Mentions that Moses is lucky with so many women around...

Moses: Well the emperor gets to hold everyone (women)
Tavia: No, should say... most of TVB female artistes already appeared here today, he have held every of them.
Moses: The land below my feet (This kingdom belongs to me). I am correct; the land is underneath our feet.
Tavia: Yes, yes, yes Your Majesty.

Tavia: Tang dynasty women should be plump. Is it? Is that so, Emperor?
Moses: Indian like plump girls.
Tavia: Do you like it? (Hinting Bernice Liu)
Moses: I said India, not me. Lol... Hey you're the queen, imperial concubine. Mind your manners.
Tavia and host continue to laugh.
Moses: Don't tease me (blushing and fanning face)
Tavia: It's the same color as the board in the back (red)

Host: There's a saying that hero cannot overcome the beauty obstacle.
Kevin: If you are referring to Red Cliff, yes. Lol... So I read around 10 episodes of the script, I feel very happy. Because the script is very attractive, therefore we kept on chasing (reading). Hope that the audiences feel the same way after its filmed.
Host: Is your role evil?
Charmaine: I don't have to be evil. For me it's very obvious, my name is Lau Sam Ho (3 Good). Why? My parent gave this name to me, hoping I'll practice "Good work, Good Heart and Good Speech". Therefore I'm a good person.

Michelle Yim mentions her relationship with Susanna in the series, basically the same as the clip below.
Tse: Since the series have the word 'Heart', we too will work hard and act from our heart. Actually I doted on her (Mary Hon), but...

(Sehseh's note: I think Susan Tse is Empress Dowager Guo, Mary Hon is Empress Dowager Zheng.)

The series placed emphasis on the costumes and hairstyles, each person take around 2 hours to get ready. The costumes also reflect on the lavish lifestyle in Tang palace. In order not to mess their wigs during filming, female artistes have thought of some ideas.

Mandy: We'll remove the cardboard core of toilet roll so that it'll become soft. Then we'll prop it under the chin while taking nap. Will that work?
Edwin: Actually, I want to say that you shouldn't nap during filming. Lol...
Mandy: Don't you dare to nap!
Edwin: No, I will nap too. But over the years, I've practiced another way to take nap, which is crossing the arms to support your head. You won't need any tools to support your head while napping.

Vin: I'm an eunuch. Therefore sorry, can't pair up with you this time. I can't do it.
Yoyo: Lol....
Host: You mean no romantic storyline at all?
Vin: No. Actually I'm in love with someone on the series, she is Tavia.

[Scoop] Beyond the Realm of Conscience costume fitting

Special thanks to Lucho太太.

Tavia: The wig is very heavy, but very pretty. I'm still trying to get use to it, now I can only look at you like this (cannot lift head higher). A bit sneaky looking. It's Tang dynasty therefore the dress is a bit sexy and the neck -
Moses: (Interrupts) Very incredible.
Tavia: What's so incredible?! Lol...
Moses: The image.
Tavia: Why your head slant sideway?
Moses: I realized this angle make me look more masculine and attractive, therefore it's nicer looking this side.

Charmaine: Actually there is some inconvenience. Just now I went into the costume vehicle, I forgot my wig is high and almost knock it off. The hairstyle is very unique. (Shows off the design at the back)

Susanna: This is my first time filming costume series so I'm not used to it. Before the costume fitting I'm worried how I'll look like.
Michelle: It looks ok!
Susanna: I feel relieved after seeing the costume fitting.

Host: Your costumes imply that your roles are rich and noble.
Tavia: Very, very noble.
Moses: We are the emperor and empress.
Tavia: No, it's imperial concubine. To survive in the palace, you must have your own strategy. I understand this concept since childhood. Therefore I often fight (for attention) in front of the emperor. Whoever better than me will die!

Charmaine: I started from the rank of a lowly palace maid, entering the palace as a small child. I worked my way up till the top rank of palace maid, heading the department.
Kevin: My role is actually a chess master. Teaching chess playing to women in the inner palace.
Host: Why are you holding a sword?
Charmaine: We all admire him.
Kevin: Yeah.
Host: All the palace women admire you?
Kevin: Actually I know martial arts -
Charmaine (Interrupt) Because he is handsome. Lol...
Kevin: Hey thanks. Later it was revealed that I know martial arts and I saved Moses. He was a king, after he became the emperor I became his general.

Michelle: We (Susanna) knew each other when we are still children. We are good friends but after we enter the palace we fought against each other for power and ranking.
Susanna: To protect myself, to fight for oneself, some misunderstanding along the way therefore we fought from youth to our 50's.

Host: Will you feel embarrassed?
Charmaine: No.
Kevin: What's there to be embarrassed of? We are just working.
Host: Do you have romantic scenes with Charmaine?
Kevin: Read up to episode 10, yeah, we started to have feelings, but haven't accept yet...
Charmaine: A bit ambiguous.
Kevin: Have good impression.

TVB8 news clip

Credit to Charmaine Baidu Forum.

Moses: I have too many wives. I'm the emperor (Xuanzong). Therefore a lot of them are my concubines. A part of them are involved in palace conflict. There are plenty of scenes where they fought against each other for their own survival. Charmaine and Tavia are both my concubines (Did Mo made a mistake when he said this?) And Tavia will ultimately become the empress. This series is full of women plotting against one another.

Kevin: I portray a character called Go Hin Yeung, he is a chess master who teaches palace women to play chess. He also likes to practice martial arts.
Charmaine: We all think you are very handsome.
Kevin: Very handsome?
Charmaine: According to the script.
Kevin: The real me not handsome?
Charmaine: Still consider ok.
Kevin: Do you have to be like this? What do you mean huh? Lol…
Charmaine: Ok, it's my turn now. My name is Lau Sam Hou, why Sam Hou? Do good things, say good things and have a good heart. Therefore I'm called ‘3 Good’. I entered the palace when I'm very young, because my parent works in the palace. But I think the emperor wants to kill us. So I enter the palace till now. We are good friends right?
Kevin: Good friends. Actually, according to the current script I reached up to, I've already expressed my feelings to you. We like each other but...
Charmaine: But we cannot be together.
Kevin: Men and women working in the palace cannot be together. Because all the women in the palace belongs to the emperor. Therefore they can't fall in love with other people.

Tracy: My character like beautiful things. I have a queen-like attitude and we are his wives. I don't like her. There's a scene where I have to hit her. Was it?
Mandy: Suppose to be grabbing my hairpins.
Edwin: I will be portraying Emperor Wuzong, both of them are my concubines.
Mandy: Aren't you happy? Having such beautiful concubines?
Edwin: You should be very happy. Lol...
Trio: Yeah, very happy.
Edwin: I know that both of them are Miss Hong Kong winners. And them being my wives, Siu Ching Jie (Producer Mui Siu Ching) is very nice to me.
Mandy: I also feel very fortunate being able to take part in this series because I really like this kind of costumes. My role is very naive, and I will die in the end.
Edwin: What do you mean by 'naive' (Mandy explained in Cantonese)
Mandy: The character is a little dumb. Therefore she was often manipulated by others.
Edwin: Oh don't worry about that, the audiences will know by just looking at you.
Mandy: (Mocking) Thank you very much. See this emperor is really nice to us!

Three maids: The middle girl is a personal servant of Susan Tse. There's one scene where she wanted to assassinate Moses for revenge. She was killed in the end by Moses's followers. The other two works in the Cuisine Department, their leader is Kara Hui.

If reposted please give due credit.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe wigs are so heavy, the female cast need to keep some painkillers handy. Imagine wearing a 5-6kg wig on your head for more than 12 hours a day. No fun at all.

More news and pics of the costume fitting ceremony below.

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