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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 results

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 held its red carpet and award presentation last night at Genting Highlands. Below are the winners' list.

Favorite Drama: Heart of Greed
Favorite Leading Actor: Moses Chan (HOG)
Favorite Leading Actress: Louise Lee (HOG)
Favorite Theme Song: Heart of Greed (Susanna Kwan)
Favorite Scene Stealer: Benz Hui (Dicey Business)
Favorite Couple: Raymond Lam & Linda Chung (HOG)
Favorite Villain: Shirley Yeung (The Brink of Law)
Favorite On Screen Kiss: Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh (The Drive of Life)
Unforgettable Moment: Louise Lee (HOG)
Favorite Bizarre Character: Myolie Wu (To Grow With Love)
My Favorite Characters:
01. Moses Chan (HOG)
02. Myolie Wu (To Grow With Love)
03. Ron Ng (On the First Beat)
04. Linda Chung (HOG)
05. Bobby Au Yeung (Dicey Business)
06. Jessica Hsuan (Dicey Business)
07. Bosco Wong (The Price of Greed)
08. Louise Lee (HOG)
09. Raymond Lam (TDOL)
10. Charmaine Sheh (TDOL)
11. Joe Ma (Maiden's Vow)
12. Tavia Yeung (Dicey Business)

Source: Chinapress Malaysia.

Image Hosted by Congrats to Charmaine for winning two awards! Honestly speaking I'm a bit disappointed that she didn't win Fav Actress and Fav Couple with Ray, but since she can't attend the ceremony... (shall speak no further, you and me 'heart knows stomach understand' enough).

Image Hosted by Of course, we'll like to attribute the awards to fans who voted for Charmaine, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING CHARMAINE!

Speaking of award, have you voted for Charmaine at Next TV Awards 2009 yet? Today is the last day, please keep voting online for Charmaine! Voting instructions here.

Event: Century Sakura Dinner and Award Presentation
Date: March 18, 2009
Invited artistes: Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Yim etc.

Note: Attendance unconfirmed.


glikzxc said...

Its a great event..
Lots of hong kong main actor n actress attend this year..
Most important is they are so freindly!!!;)

hyn5 said...

Hey sehseh,

Do you where this "Century Sakura Dinner and Award Presentation" is going to take place in?

sehseh said...

At InterContinental Shenzhen.

This event look so star-studded. Wonder if they all will attend....

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