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Monday, January 19, 2009

Splitsville for Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng?

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Image Hosted by According to today's Apple Daily, Charmaine and Kevin have allegedly 'broke up' amicably last month. Below is the article for our amusement:

After creating an uproar with in HK entertainment industry with his alleged triangle relationship with Niki Chow and Charmaine Sheh last year, Kevin Cheng was rumored to be dating Charmaine whilst filming [Forensic Heroes 2] during the end of 2007 and ending his 5 years relationship with Niki. However, Kevin – Charmaine romance was rumored to end recently. It was said that Charmaine could not stand Kevin's boring personality and ended their relationship amicably. Earlier both of them were seen celebrating Christmas and New Year separately.

Charmaine was labelled as flirty and has numerous rumors since entering entertainment business and was accused of having relationships with Joe Ma, Ron Ng and Matt Yeung. Last year September she was said to be involved in the 5-year underground relationship of Kevin and Niki. After the news broke out, on numerous occasion Niki tried to seek sympathy by appearing as the victim. Kevin who has always carried good boy image was labelled as heartless.

Breaking up amicably, having separate fun on Christmas and New Year

Though Kevin – Charmaine romance faced a lot of pressure from many sides, their managing company TVB showed them full support by arranging them to appear on sales presentation ceremony and anniversary as couple team. They were also arranged to pair up in upcoming series [Palace Scheme], which will be filmed next month.

However, Apple Daily received news that their 1 year old relationship ended last month. Apart from the pressure brought by their dating, the main reason is that Charmaine have always like to party, while Kevin is the complete opposite. He doesn't like going to clubs and socialize. In addition Kevin's personality is a bit dull, one is north and another is south. Charmaine could not stand Kevin's boring personality and both of them decide to split amicably. They are still friends.

Accordingly, lovers usually spend a romantic holiday like Christmas and New Year together. Kevin often went out with his friends to relief boredom and last month he ditched Charmaine to attend a Christmas party hosted by his cousin Vinci Wong. On New Year Eve Charmaine was seen leaving Kevin out and attending party with Eric Tsang, Michael Miu and wife Jamie Chik and was even caught smoking by paparazzi. Each going separate ways during major holidays, seemingly confirming the break up rumors.

Yesterday reporters called Charmaine and Kevin to confirm on the break up news. Both of them replied that they have never dated. Charmaine said: "What break up? We never actually dated, we are just long-time friends. Most of the time we went out together with Timmy Hung and Raymond Cho to chat." As Charmaine will be filming [Palace Scheme] with Kevin next month, will she feel embarrassed? She smiled and said: "Well you can say that I have a new challenge, because I will be followed by paparazzi daily."

As for Kevin: "We didn't date, so where's the break up coming from? It's always repeating the same old story. I'm just going to concentrate on filming a good series." Kevin was questioned if he will feel tremendous pressure working with Charmaine? "It's expected. They will write nonsense anyway, I can't bother much about it."

On the other hand, Vinci expressed that he knew nothing about his cousin Kevin breaking up with Charmaine. He said: "I don't know if they are dating or not. I've never seen him together with Charmaine." When asked if Kevin showed boredom during the Christmas and New Year period and went out seeking friends, Vinci said: "It's just a coincidence that we have mutual friends and he doesn't have job on Christmas, that's why we are hanging out together. However, he said that we are always being followed around, therefore he won't be going out with me again."

No repost allowed.

Image Hosted by The media always wanted to say whatever they wanted to say or made up. Ex-gf? No pictures. Dating? No pictures. Split up? No pictures. One of these days I can also proclaim that I'm the Dalai Lama or the reincarnation of Emperor Qianlong.

What do I think? : Que Sera Sera...

Image Hosted by By the way, TVB will be holding their Annual Artistes Dinner tomorrow evening, meaning that the press with be swarming all over them, hoping for juicy details. Kinda remind me of the CMB event thingy. Promo tactics for Palace Scheme? Countering tactic against someone? Ahemm... whatever will be, will be...

Anyway, as fans we'll just have to concentrate on her next series filming and not to bother much on these frills entertainment rumors. See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil...

One of my favorite historical/political costume series [Where the Legend Begins] aka Lok Sun was produced by Mui Siu Ching and I hope that [Palace Scheme] will not disappoint.

p.s. Remember to support Charmaine at Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards! Details below.

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Funn Lim said...

Wahhhh your post a comment is so small I almost missed it!

True or not, remember the legend, myth or fact of Nessie? The Loch Ness Monster? Everybody says it is there but so far no concrete real pictures. You believe what you want to believe. Frankly these 2 dating is ok. At least she has a social normal dating life even if it started a bit rocky or questionable. Broke up? Maybe went underground? Maybe can't withstand the pressure? I am just glad Charmaine isn't Sienna Miller. That woman is a one woman force in destroying her own career by falling in love with the wrong sort of men.

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