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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dining With The Stars - Reunion Dinner Special

Summary translation of Charmaine's conversation:

Charmaine: Wishing everyone to be happy and smiling always – everyone will be become more beautiful when they are happy!
(Chat about dish preparation)
(Stephen asked Charmaine why is she so happy. Because she is eating the fish maw)
Charmaine: I love eating fish maw, because I think (laughs)… I like the texture. And I feel pretty after eating it.
Stephen: So it's like how you love acting with Kevin Cheng?
(Everyone laughs, someone mentioned 'got relations')
Wayne: Comparing Kevin to fish maw…
Stephen: (Charmaine) Your face is turning red!
Charmaine: Why do you guys suddenly chat about this?
Stephen: I’m just taking for instance, just like Astrid said.
Charmaine: I’ve never taste a human (jokes)
Stephen: Never tasted Kevin?
(Continue chatting to next dish)
Stephen: Well Charmaine is incredible. I heard that during childhood you like to finish every food. Been fat in the past?
Charmaine: I have bad habit. I like eating fatty pork belly, I love eating those. Maybe my condition is same as yours (Astrid – Have to eat fatty food to maintain slim figure).
Stephen & Wayne: I wish I am the same (laughs)
Charmaine: The cholesterol level is really high. But eating them is enjoyable…
Stephen: Then have you gotten rid of this habit?
Charmaine: I still eat those (fatty food) once in a while. I like eating them, but dare not eat too much.
Stephen: Do you only eat them when you are broken hearted?
Charmaine: Nope, that should be her (point to another guest and laughs)
(Continues eating next dish, Charmaine observed the preparation in kitchen)
Charmaine: I kept asking can I taste them yet?
Stephen: Charmaine is always so well mannered. For us we tasted it as soon as it was cooked.
Charmaine: Really?!
(Describes next dish, Stephen asked what’s their New Year resolution)
Charmaine: I will film a Dynasty Tang series this year, titled "Beyond the Realm of Conscience". They said that series is meant to break into the Korean market. I hope so too.
Stephen: Didn't you already break into the (Korean) market with "War and Beauty"? You’ve already entered halfway.
Charmaine: This one is purposely made to break into the market.
Wayne: Already broke into North Korea, now targeting South Korea (jokes)
Stephen: But I thought your wish is to get married this year?
Charmaine: Not so soon.
Wayne: Just started?
Charmaine: Aiyah, don't ask me anymore… go and question other people instead!
Stephen: Observe first…
Astrid: She's blushing already!
Stephen: It’s better to observe closely first… what's your requirement when selecting husband-to-be?
Charmaine: Loves me.
Stephen: In what way?
Charmaine: Treat me well.
Stephen: So if he treated another girl well in the past, does that considered not loving you enough?
Charmaine: Well it's different for each person. Everybody have past too.
Stephen: So it's ok as long as in the past? As long as it's not two timing? Is that it?
Charmaine: Definitely.
Stephen: What if he once two timed in the past?
Charmaine: I don't know about that. I won't choose.
Stephen: If you don't know then just assume that there's no such thing… (laughs)
(Charmaine observes the preparation of the crab dish and said that she loves eating crab)
(Stephen mentions about Kate rumored to be dating a PA and asked if she planned to get married, he said that Charmaine has planned already)
Stephen: (Charmaine) You will bring this up during contract renewal discussion. Saying when you plan to get married.
Charmaine: I want to. But I don't have anyone yet, how to get married?
Stephen: So you'll marry if you found someone?
Charmaine: If he is suitable I'll get married.
(Stephen wished everyone’s wishes come true… end dinner)

Image Hosted by Lol... Stephen Chan and Wayne Lai keep teasing Charmaine.

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