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Friday, January 16, 2009

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 website

Hi Malaysian fans (and Singapore too)! The annual Astro WLT Drama Awards is back - time to vote for our favorite actress Charmaine Sheh again!

The nomination list will be revealed on 17 Jan 2009 and Charmaine have three contending series, which are Maiden's Vow, Glittering Days and The Drive of Life. Very anxious to know which character she will be nominated for Favorite Leading Actress Award.

Though there's no nomination list at the moment, you can still show support to Charmaine! Go to the '网民意向 Poll' on the lower left and vote for Charmaine 佘诗曼. It's the poll for 'TVB stars you will like to see attending the award'.

Note: Please make sure you vote for Charmaine the first time because you can only vote once per IP address.

Below are the award categories for WLT this year:

# 2008我的至爱角色 (Favorite Character)
# 我的至爱戏势最强大奖 (Favorite Drama)
# 我的至爱主题曲 (Favorite Theme Song)
# 我的至爱男主角 (Favorite Leading Actor)
# 我的至爱女主角 (Favorite Leading Actress)
# 我的至爱红中一点绿 (Favorite Scene Stealer)
# 我的至爱情侣档 (Favorite Couple)
# 我最难忘的一幕 (Unforgettable Moment)
# 我的至爱极品造型 (Favorite Bizarre Character)
# 我最难忘的一吻 (Favorite On Screen Kiss)
# 我的至爱大反派 (Favorite Villain)

The red carpet and award presentation ceremony will be held on February 21 at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.

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