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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anita Yuen approves Chilam onscreen pairing with Charmaine Sheh

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[ 20/01/09]

Chilam (Julian Cheung) attended a Po Leung Kuk event for the elderly at a hotel yesterday. When asked by reporters regarding his family having meal with Lynn Xion, does that means they sees her as family and call her as Ah Sou (sister-in-law)? Chilam laughed and said that he have dementia and sudden memory loss. They also ask him if he will advise Aaron Kwok to get married soon. He expressed that everyone has different lifestyle and he himself wanted a family.

In addition, he revealed that he is currently discussing filming series with TVB and joked that he does not want to portray onscreen lover with his wife Anita Yuen as he feared that they will end up quarreling. On the contrary he doesn't mind filming series with Charmaine Sheh because his wife approves it.

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Image Hosted by Posted this during lunch. Yeah, Chilam's cool. From his interview TVB have been sending him scripts for several series but he haven't found one he's really interested in yet. Hope he will be able to film another series with Charmaine in the future (Heaven & Earth will be nice, but Chik Kei Yi already tailor-made it for Nick Cheung and you know what they say - one mountain cannot abide two tigers...)

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