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Monday, December 15, 2008

Raymond Lam: Charmaine Sheh is my 'Brother'

Note: Below is an excerpt from Raymond Lam's interview with Singapore news site after winning "Best Drama Performance by an Actor" at Singapore's 2008 Asian Television Awards. If reposted, please give due credit.

During the interview in Singapore city, Raymond Lam indirectly denies being attracted to Linda Chung, saying: "I will not date girls in entertainment industry!"

Discussing about female artistes that collaborated with him before, Raymond says: "Charmaine Sheh is 'Brother', while Linda Chung is 'Sister'.

The reporter listed and asked Raymond's impression of his female co-stars: Leila Tong, Michelle Ye, Jessica Hsuan, Linda Chung, Myolie Wu and Charmaine Sheh.

He directly answered: "Basically I've collaborated with almost all the actresses in TVB. The impression they gave me is that they are very 'tomboyish'. Most of them are tough and frank, otherwise they won't be able to survive the entertainment industry!"

"They are very capable and ambitious, making people feel that they are very energetic. But because they're quite tomboyish, I won't be dating those in the entertainment industry!" Almost as if he's indirectly denying his rumored relationship with Linda Chung.

The reporter discussed about Charmaine's reputation of being flirtatious, what does Raymond think about her? Raymond strongly defends her: "She's definitely being framed! Charmaine is one of my best friend in the industry, she feels like a 'brother' to me. She is loyal to friends, witty, energetic and humorous. She is flirtatious? She doesn't have to - she's tough!"

How about Linda? Is she also a 'brother'? 'She's like a little sister, because of all the actresses I collaborated with, she's the only one younger than me."

Original chinese article:

Kevin Cheng decline to respond about Charmaine Sheh

[Mingpao 15/12/2008]

Kevin Cheng attended the celebrity tennis tournament [Tennis Stars of the Future 2008] yesterday and emerged as the champion. When asked about his opinion of Niki Chow's sister Kathy Chow insinuating insults at Charmaine Sheh, Kevin said: "I've already replied (to the rumors) many times and feeling troubled for the last few months. I do not wish to respond to just anyone's comment because it'll be endless!" When asked if he's upset at Kathy's comment, he frankly admit feeling indifference and at the same time decline to respond if he's feeling embarrased for causing Charmaine to be implicated. Using the "not retaliating" defense stance? Kevin said: "A man shouldn't talk too much." Does that apply to women too? Kevin did not respond to the question.

No repost allowed.

Image Hosted by Did I hear a witch barking? The same 'K' witch that asked Kevin to 'shut up', she certainly love to practice double standard. Can't help it, some people just won't able to appear in headlines without dragging someone else name. Anyway, good reply from Kevin - why waste time replying a nobody's comment?

I would also like to ask fans to adopt Kevin's method, there's no need for argument due to a 'nobody witch' - keep the cbox a peaceful place please.

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