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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Practising dancing for 12 years, Charmaine Sheh conveys happiness through Christmas Ballet


Pacific Palace unveiled their Christmas theme in a Broadway styled show last week. Wearing luxury clothes and jewelry, Charmaine Sheh danced ballet publicly for the first time as the Christmas Fairy. It was learned afterward that she have danced ballet for 12 years, therefore these simple steps wouldn't be a problem to her. Though she was busy filming series, she doesn't appear to be tired – all because of "A performer only conveys happiness", while keeping the rest to herself.

Before her appearance, Charmaine hid in a giant box which turns out to be a music box. Transformed into a music box figurine, she made ballet movements with her hands and joined in the singing and dancing with the rest of the dancers. With background in dancing and full rehearsal beforehand, Charmaine doesn't look uneasy performing among the professional dancers.

Taking dancing lessons at 5 years old

Charmaine already have an opinionated personality at 5 years old. Learning ballet was not arranged by adults, but by her own decision. It seems interesting to her, especially the beautiful costumes that looks like a doll. However, it wasn't spur-of-the-moment for her either as she learned it for 12 years. In between she participated in ballet stage shows. "During my Standard 6 year, Hong Kong Ballet picked 40 girls to perform in ballet stage act. Hundreds of people auditioned and I was in the selected team. We performed 10 shows in total. (Seems like you have fate with the performing stage) You can consider so in terms of dancing."

Over the years Charmaine filmed a lot of popular TV series such as [Return of The Cuckoo], [War and Beauty] and [Maiden's Vow] which she won double TV Queen Award. When it comes to acting, practice makes perfect. However, live performance requires different skills. "You can have NG during filming; therefore the pressure is not too big. For a live show, I will spend a lot of time doing rehearsal and practice until as familiar as possible to avoid being nervous. This is my furthermost requirement. It's unavoidably hasty during TVB anniversary as the concentration was divided due to filming series."

Unforgettable romantic Christmas in Switzerland

As Charmaine is currently busy filming [Enterprise Doctor], she has to leave immediately as soon as the event ends. She hopes to rush home for shower before returning to filming studio. In the past few years, Charmaine mostly spent her Christmas working. However, she finally got holiday this year: "Should be celebrating with friends, not necessarily in Hong Kong."

Hong Kong is experiencing economic downturn and a lot of people started to cut their expenses. Charmaine said that she won't be reducing her Christmas gifts. "Be it giving or receiving gifts, I never measure their monetary worth as it's the thought that counts. I won't be buying fewer gifts just to save money."

Charmaine once studied abroad in Switzerland and experienced the most unforgettable Christmas there. "It was my 3rd Christmas in Switzerland. My (ex)boyfriend knocked on my door early in the morning and asked me to go out. Turns out that he spent the whole night making a snowman – as tall as I am. He even wrote my name. That moment is really sweet." After thinking for a while, she added: "That's my first time receiving a snowman; therefore it's my most unforgettable Christmas gift."

Easily contented

When it comes to love, she is a '24-hour filial' girlfriend: "When you are dating, you have the responsibility to make each other happy. I will do anything as long as he is happy." However she also feels content easily – it's so easy to make her happy. A meal or a joke is effective enough. Perhaps that's why even when she's plagued with negative rumors, she is still able to greet others with a smile while never losing her temper. We also have never seen her looking upset (dark face). "I am a performer. Today I'm performing a Christmas show; of course I am conveying a happy message. There are times when I'm frustrated, but I keep them to myself or pour out to my friends." She admits that she doesn't have many friends in entertainment circle that she can share her feelings with. Those who get along mostly are her high school friends. Though their career is different, her friend knows well of her daily schedule and have mutual understanding.

Hidden beneath her coy appearance, lies a tough personality. She believes she inherited it from her mother. "She's always strong and optimistic. She never forced me to do anything that I disliked. As long as I am happy, she will let go." Charmaine doesn't like crying either. "I will only cry endlessly when watching movies and immersing myself in the character's situation. As for my own life, what's the big deal anyway (to cry about)?" Looks like Charmaine have everything in control.

Breaking into South Korean market with new series

Having everything in control applies to career as well. Two years ago she received the honor of being TV Queen. Her new series [Enterprise Doctor] with Dayo Wong will be wrapping up filming by Christmas and she will be filming a grand production series in February next year. "That will be a costume series set in Dynasty Tang. There will be plenty of new collaborations such as with Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng." Wouldn't that become a mixed version of [War and Beauty] and [Moonlight Resonance]? "The series centered on palace conflicts. They (TVB) wanted to break into Korean market and I anticipate it as well."

Charmaine constantly rewatch her older works and the most gratifying one is watching [War and Beauty] where the leading actresses pitted their acting against one another. "Because each character stands out and has distinguished personality. Everyone is professional and really gratify the acting cravings. In addition, I have a different perspective compared to the general audiences since I saw the inside story unknown to everyone. Looking back at the filming flashback and the content of the series made the watching experience a happier one."

Note: No repost allowed. I did not do a per-word translation and I did some minor editing to make them flow better without changing the meaning in the original article. Any error/mistake is regretted.

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