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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Charmaine @ Annual Golden TVS Awards 2008

Image Hosted by Congratulations to both Charmaine and Joe for winning "Most Popular HK-Taiwan TV Actress and Actor Award" respectively. Charmaine won for her role(s) in Maiden's Vow while Joe for his in Revolving Door of Vengeance.

Charmaine winning Most Popular HK-Taiwan TV Actress

Charmaine representing TVB to receive Top 10 Classic TV Series Award for Shanghai Bund

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Charmaine Sheh going in circles

[Sohu 20/12/2008]

"Rumor Queen" Charmaine Sheh and her rumors with TVB actors became the focus point of reporters yesterday. A reporter asked: "There are many artistes getting married this year, do you feel the urge too?" Charmaine smiled and said: "I won't make it this year, or plan to get married next year. I don't have potential partner at the moment." Regarding to the question of "Feeling envious of Tony Leung and Carina Lau wedding", she replied: "Carina and Tony dated for a very long time, if I am choosing my love partner; I also hope to get acquainted for a long time first." There's also reporter who directly asked if she's dating Kevin Cheng and Joe Ma. Charmaine is not ruffled at all: "Kevin and I are good on-screen couple and limited to on-screen only. In real life we are very good friends. Joe is a good man and cares for his family. I hate his height because I can't wear high heels when filming costume series, therefore there's a big difference in height between us."

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Pictures from the award gala:

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