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Monday, December 01, 2008

Bobby Au-Yeung mentions Charmaine Sheh @ Be My Guest

Bobby discussing about his friendship with Charmaine to Stephen Chan.

Bobby Au-Yeung appeared on the recent episode of Be My Guest show and there's a part where he mentions Charmaine. Below is the translation of their conversation:

Stephen: You really have one exceptional quality. Everyone who worked with Charmaine will surely have rumors, except you. How come?
Bobby: Because I'm smart.
Stephen: How smart?
Bobby: I cover it well (laughs). You'll have to ask Ah Sheh (Charmaine). Honestly, me and Ah Sheh, even if we are pictured hugging on the streets, no one will believe it.
Stephen: Why?
Bobby: We are really close friends. Maybe people think I'm not attractive. What do you think? Maybe (joking)
Stephen: But underneath you're the most attractive one.
Bobby: Yes, because I cover it well.
Stephen: People often perceive Charmaine as coy.
Bobby: Yes she does coy me (joking). Really, she is infatuated with me (Laughs)
Stephen: She mentioned that you are a great partner to work with.
Bobby: Yes, we talk about everything. She called me 大爺 'dai yeh' (Master).
Stephen: Why 'Master'?
Bobby: Back then we were filming [Witness to Prosecution 2], we were paired up in the series. And during that time, she was still struggling up the ranks, unlike now where she is the 1st sister. She had a challenging time, afraid even to be a little late to work. And I said to her: "Seeing you struggling like this, (sigh) let me be a little late to work so you can sleep for another 2 hours. It will be me who's late, not you." Therefore she can sleep for two more hours. Girls are different from guys - so pitiful, their makeup won't stay if they couldn't get enough sleep.
Stephen: So she's coy with you: "Please let me sleep for another 2 hours?"
Bobby: No, it was my suggestion. I said: "Your career is just starting to take off, you should rest more. Just let me be the one who is late." Because my filming schedule start first, therefore if I'm late for 1-2 hours, and her schedule is up next then hers will be pushed back for 1-2 hours.
Stephen: You are so cunning. Trying to take the blame for her. (Laughs)
Bobby: You can't say I'm trying to take the blame. After all, she is a girl. Otherwise how could she cover (her make up)? Lol...
Stephen: So do you think she is coyful?
Bobby: No she is not. That is just her perceived image. She is not coy, in fact very tomboyish. She is very frank. It's just that the roles made her look coy. The real her is similar to Madam Ma in [Forensic Heroes 2].
Stephen: Then did she frankly told you that she is dating Kevin Cheng? (Laughs)
Bobby: Oh, about this... I really don't know (laughs) Huh, how come she didn't tell me (pretend to be snubbed). Really... (Laughs)

No repost of the translation allowed.

Image Hosted by Awwwww... that's so sweet of Bobby! Hehe Bobby is also quite humorous and witty in answering Stephen's question, another thing in common with Charmaine.

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