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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Annual Golden TVS Awards 2008

Event: Annual Golden TVS Awards 2008
Date: 19 December 2008 (Friday)
Time: 8:00pm (Live from TVS)
Venue: Hotel Dongfang, Guangzhou

Charmaine will be attending the Annual Golden TVS Awards at Guangzhou on Dec 19, 2008 together with Joe Ma. They are nominated for Most Popular HK-Taiwan Actress and Actor respectively.


Bonus: I also did a translation of [Enterprise Doctor] article in recent Mingpao magazine. As disallowed repost of the pictures, you can view the scan at this link instead. No repost of the translation please.

Hard to resist Charmaine Sheh's snack temptation, Dayo Wong gained 5 pounds

Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh new series [Enterprise Doctor] recently wrapped up filming. Amazingly Dayo have zero rumors with Charmaine and it's not because they have fallen out with each other either. They chatted endlessly on and off camera on all kinds of topics. Dayo told the staff that it was a happy experience working with Charmaine and they have sparks in the series. He feels that their collaboration is not below of his and Ada's and looked forward working together in the future: "Charmaine is an energetic actress, we compensate each other's weaknesses and we created sparks. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the future. If you ask me which actress I would like to work with in my next series, it's really difficult to say. I want to collaborate with those I've worked with before, yet I also want to try new partnership such as Jessica Hsuan."

Though Dayo have avoided rumors in this collaboration, he couldn't resist the food temptation by Charmaine. During filming, he couldn't suppress his appetite and gained 5 pounds. On the evening of their closing shot, Charmaine bought a lot of fishballs, siew mai and other snacks as a treat to others. Dayo laughed and said: "Charmaine can't stop eating all the time, causing me to eat too. She didn't gain weight but instead I gained 5 pounds. I'll have to work hard to keep fit after filming."

For the closing shot, Dayo tried to give Charmaine a happy surprise by wearing suit and driving a nice car to fetch her. However Charmaine said that it's difficult for guys to surprise her since she joined entertainment field. If there's any guy who came to fetch her, there'll only be surprise and no happiness. That's true because with so many paparazzi following, they'll most probably end up as tabloid headlines – they can't be smiling still then!

Dayo is very attentive; he brought along champagne to the closing shot to celebrate with Charmaine and the crew.
Charmaine often bought snacks to filming and Dayo couldn't suppress his appetite, leading to him gaining 5 pounds.
Working with Dayo, Charmaine couldn't stop laughing daily. Their collaboration is a happy experience.

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