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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nick Cheung returns to TVB

[15/11/2008 Mingpao]

During an interview with Roadshow 《红人馆》 yesterday, Nick revealed that he will be returning to TVB mid next year to film a series produced by Chik Kei Yi. The story is about him and his best friends getting stranded during a mountaineering outing, resulting in no water or food. For survival they ate one of the friends. After he was rescued, he not only married the girlfriend of the deceased friend but also use underhanded tactics in business world. Nick indicate that for the past years TVB have offered him series, but he requested to have a look at the script first as he doesn’t want to portray the traditional good man role anymore. Since the story mentions cannibalism, will he be worried frightening his daughter? "I don't think the scene will shoot me eating human arm like chicken drumstick, it'll just be hinted. I will not limit myself just because of my daughter; I will film as long as the theme is interesting."

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Image Hosted by You know what they say, it's a man-eat-man world out there. The synopsis of the series does sound interesting, and I think Charmaine's role in the sales presentation clip is the girlfriend. This series will be filmed in the latter half of 2009. Except for Nick, no other cast have confirmed taking part yet.

For sneak peek screencaps of the sales presentation clip, please go here.

p.s. TVB 41st Anniversary Award is tonight! For those with access of live telecast from TVB, remember to tune in at 8:30pm. I'm catching up with some girlfriends tonight, therefore I won't be around.

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Advo said...

I would really love it if Nick and Charmaine teamed up. I love Nick! I'm sure it'll be a great serie if they are working together.

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