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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mingpao Weekly scan: Enterprise Doctor

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Theresa Lee’s young son mischievously play with the curtains, Charmaine Sheh almost revealed herself and scared speechless

Charmaine Sheh is currently busy filming new series [Enterprise Doctor]. Though she was previously embroiled in Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow's break up, she is not afraid of rumors and did not avoid her co-star Dayo Wong, even sharing an umbrella together. In addition, Theresa Lee who has not filmed series for many years revealed that she has many hilarious NGs. She also revealed that her young son returned from Canada to accompany her. One time he mischievously play with the curtains while Charmaine was changing clothes, freaking her out as she almost revealed herself.

Caption, clockwise from left
Caption 1: As soon as Charmaine arrived, she immediately applies make-up. She also cheerfully posed a "V" sign with her hand for reporters to take picture.

Caption 2: Rumor queen Charmaine is not afraid of spreading rumors with Dayo, sharing an umbrella together. They chatted happily.

Caption 3: With long dialogs, Theresa often has NGs. Luckily Dayo is very patient therefore she feels comfortable to continue filming.

Caption 4: Charmaine's role in the series is a debt collector and today's scene was about her taking bus ride. Though the scene is minimal, she has to arrive at 9 am in the morning to prepare filming.

Charmaine is rumored with her co-star in nearly all her series. Earlier she was embroiled in Kevin and Niki’s relationship, bearing the accusation of 3rd party. She is not bothered with the endless rumors and continues to concentrate filming her new series [Enterprise Doctor].

The filming location is at Yuen Long's Nam Sang Wai. The filming crew already start preparing for filming since 8am while Charmaine's schedule start at 9am. She punctually arrived in her personal assistant vehicle. Compared to other cast member who arrived via company bus or driving by themselves, Charmaine’s fadan status is indeed befitting. When partner Dayo sees her alighting from the car, he went up to her and asked if she have bought him coffee. Charmaine widened her eyes and loudly exclaimed: "No!" Dayo start mumbling to himself and said: "It's fine if you didn't buy coffee, have lunch with me instead in Kowloon!" Charmaine didn't reply Dayo but just smiled at him. Afterward she rushed to get her make-up and hair fixed for filming.

It was a hot and sunny day, plus Nam Sang Wai is quite remote and there was not much shade around. Charmaine only have one scene and while waiting for others to film, Dayo and his assistant shared their umbrella with her. She is not afraid of rumors? Charmaine smiled and said: "No, I'm more afraid of the sun."

In the series, Charmaine's character is a shopaholic. She was heavily in debt and through a strange twist of fate, she became a debt collector. Charmaine has already completed filming 14-15 episodes and gotten along very well with Dayo. She also said though Theresa has not filmed for many years, she is still very fit. Charmaine shared some amusing experience with reporter: "Theresa is very funny; she doesn't know that Chinese grammar is different from English, she will say whatever appeared in her mind. There's one time when she was supposed to say to me and Dayo: [You should patiently teach her, while you should more humble!] but when we filmed, she said: [You should patiently teach her, while you should be phonier!] She thought that the meaning is the same and delivered her lines seriously. But when we heard it we immediately burst out laughing. Theresa often have amusing antics to make us happy."

Gigi Lai has announced retirement from entertainment business and there are rumors that Charmaine will be taking over her jobs. Charmaine said: "There is no such thing. I feel happy for Gigi retiring because she has found another goal in life. (Do you have the same consideration?) I haven't reach that point, maybe when I find my 2nd goal on life, not necessary getting married, maybe doing business." According to some source, there is a mainland series interested in Charmaine and is currently in discussion. "Yes, but the schedule is a bit clashed. They request two months of my schedule, but I only have ½ month available. If I'm not filming the series, I will take the opportunity for a short break."

Theresa whom has not been filming for a long period looks vibrant. Her Chinese is weak and it's unavoidable for her to NGs when delivering long lines. Luckily her partner Dayo is very patient and did not blame her. "It feels quite OK filming series again, but it's a bit scary filming in studio because there are three cameras rolling at the same time, you have to react quickly. It's different from the past. Previously I attended an acting class in Canada, hoping it will help when filming series." Regarding her collaboration with Dayo and Charmaine, Theresa expressed that she is very happy: "I worked with Charmaine in my first outdoor scene; the feeling is really comfortable, maybe girls can communicate with each other easily. In addition, maybe it's due to different stage and perspective in life; I don't feel pressured like the past and just go along with fate. I feel happy filming series." Her husband and son are staying in Canada and did not accompany Theresa; therefore she should be understandably lonesome. Mentioning her son, Theresa's smile light up: "Earlier I brought him to Ocean Park. In the past, I went there due to work and did not really enjoy myself. This trip with him is very enjoyable and a happy one." During the interview, Theresa revealed a small mishap happened when her son visited her filming. "That day I was working with Charmaine, she went up on the bus to change clothes. My son was mischievous and suddenly pulled the curtains, scaring Charmaine speechless. My son was also shocked. Luckily he only pulled apart the bottom part of the curtains, Charmaine did not reveal herself. Otherwise I don't know what to do."

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Image Hosted by Looks like a lot of fun filming [Enterprise Doctor]. Poor Charmaine, she had to rush filming and could not attend [Easterly] promotion because she was sick. Hope she get well soon.

So, mainland series huh? But with 1/2 month available, I doubt she will be filming the series. However since Charmaine indicate that she have limited available after filming [Enterprise Doctor], it also means that she most probably will be filming Lau Sam Ho a.k.a. Palace Scheme in February 2009. Don't take my word for it though - wait for her to formally confirm it.

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