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Monday, November 10, 2008

[电视剧] Issue 193 mag scans: Lau Sam Ho

Image Hosted by I can't believe this! The moment I forgot to put 'Do Not Repost at AsianFanatics', someone took the advantage to repost in news section! I already stated using simple english in my top left sidebar in bold red that I do not allow my news to be reposted in AF in any way since October. That will not change even if I do not remind in my post! Secondly, this is not a news or article translation, just a summary! Please remove that post NOW!

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1. Michelle Yim and Fala Chan's character are villains, Michelle is a Seung Gong of equal rank with Susanna Kwan. Fala is Charmaine (Lau Sam Ho) best friend who entered the palace at the same time together. She will betray and plot against Charmaine in order to steal her status.
2. Susanna's role is very strict and responsible to teach the palace maids.
3. There's one scene where Charmaine is imprisoned because palace maids slandered her in front of the emperor.
4. Kevin Cheng's role is a palace guard and have a love-hate relationship with Tavia Yeung. Later he fell in love with Charmaine.
5. Moses the emperor also like Charmaine.

p.s. The magazine might have mixed Fala & Tavia's role.

TVB Sales Presentation 2009 will be held on November 11, 2008.

On a side note, TVB magazine released a special edition for TVB Anniversary Award:

You can view the full 22 pages at

Updated: Singapore's [i Weekly] Favorite HK Artists

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Mag scan thanks to 峰吧 why_so_serious.

Favorite Male Artist:
1. Raymond Lam 41.6%
2. Moses Chan 10.7%
3. Bobby Au Yeung 10.1%
4. Bosco Wong 9.6%
5. Ha Yu 5.4%

Favorite Female Artist:
1. Charmaine Sheh 19.3%
2. Myolie Wu 11.86%
3. Louise Lee 9.9%
4. Tavia Yeung 9.8%
5. Linda Chung 9.5%

Congrats Charmaine! Forensic Heroes 2 also came up second in Favorite HK Series. Thank you so much to Singaporean fans who have voted!

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