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Friday, November 14, 2008

Charmaine Sheh amused by Dayo Wong

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[Oriental Daily 14/11/2008]

Charmaine Sheh is recently busy filming new series [Enterprise Doctor]. In the series she have many on-screen time with Dayo Wong. Yesterday afternoon both of them went to a coffee shop in Happy Valley to film outdoor scene. Dayo who is famous for his comedic skills amused Charmaine with his chattering and hand gestures while waiting for filming to start, making her grinning from ear to ear. However, as soon as they finish filming, they noticed reporters around and changed their attitude 180-degree. They keep a distance between each other and left the venue separately.

Charmaine first accompanied by her assistance and generously allowed the reporters to take pictures of her. However Dayo who left afterward keep his head low and sulked, quickly went to his car and left.


Image Hosted by Funny enough, Singtao version of the news is totally 180 degree different, saying that Charmaine put up an attitude during filming and refused to answer reporters when she was leaving the venue. I will not translate the full article because they're simply bullshit and trying to paint a bad image on her. Kudos to the lady owner of the tong sui (sweet drink) shop for standing up for Charmaine:

Excerpt from Singtao:

When leaving, Charmaine's personal assistant car was parked at a nearby tong sui shop and she quickly went up the car. The lady owner of the tong sui shop saw Charmaine and happily went up to say hi. Charmaine quickly changed her attitude and happily chatted with her. After she left, reporters asked the lady owner if she knows Charmaine well. She said: "Yes, she often visits my shop to eat tong sui when she was a little girl." The reporters also asked whether Charmaine brought guys there to eat tong sui. The lady owner raised her voice and said: "She came alone most of the time and did not bring guys, you (reporters) should not make up stories!"

No repost allowed.

Image Hosted by I bet Charmaine did not answer question from Singtao tabloid because they're asking stupid question like the placenta injection and rumors with co-stars. Charmaine is already sick and tired from rushing filming, so HK doggies, focus your headlines on TVB anniversary Best Actor/Actress/Most Improved award cat-fights and leave Charmaine alone.

Plus, found some advertisement pics of Charmaine for Meland (Shanghai Meilan):

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