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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Vote Now - TVB 41st Anniversary Award!


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Go to:

There are 11 categories, and Charmaine have 3 nominations. You must vote for all categories (one each).

1. Best Actress Award (No. 5 Madam Ma, Forensic Heroes 2)

2. Favorite Female TV Character (No. 1 Lap Lan Qing Qing, WTA)

3. Best TV Series (15. Forensic Heroes 2)

After you have made your selection all 11 categories, confirm your vote by clicking on the bottom right button.

You will be brought to this page: (Sample)

The answer is C.41

ID Number - Now overseas fans can vote! Just ignore the HK I.D. bar and fill in the overseas I.D. number bar. Leave blank the HK ID section.
Email address
Mailing Address - Enter any address.

After you are done, press the confirm button (I marked the button red in the sample above).

But wait, you are NOT DONE YET! There is still the TVB Blog Popularity Award!

Charmaine is in the 3rd box in first row. Click to vote her.

Answer is A.

Repeat what you filled in TVB award voting just now - saves time. To confirm, just click on the button I highlighted in red (image).

Also, remember to drop by Charmaine's TVB Blog - page hits counts as vote too!

There, you voted! Thank you for supporting Charmaine and keep trying! Gambate fans!

Note: Voting system usually count by ID number or email address, therefore please use a different one for your next 'round'!

Voting closing on November 9, 2008 11:30pm.


Kelly said...

Hi, I would like to vote for Charmaine but I don't know what to put down for the overseas ID #? Can you help me out?

sehseh said...

Kelly, you can just enter anything for overseas ID. Just remember to leave the HK ID area blank.

Kelly said...

What do you mean? Does that mean any fake #? or you are talking about driver license # for overseas? Sorry, this is my first time voting.

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